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Ethiopian PM interview suspended until after election

Abiy Ahmed Interview
Abiy Ahmed interview of his urban development project documentary (Screetshot from ENA Video)


Ethiopian Broadcast Authority suspended Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s interview from being aired until after the Ethiopian election, which is scheduled to take place on June 21 (there are constituencies that will not vote this Monday due to logistical and security issues.) 

The decision is made based on the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia’s regulation that contents that sound like election campaigns should not be given coverage in digital or other forms of electronic media until after Monday. 

The Election Board called the four days until Monday as the “Silence Period.”

“Although the content of the interview focused on government performance and not campaign, it should not be aired during this “silence period.” said Mohammed Edris, Director of Ethiopian Broadcast Authority. The decision is informed by the view that no room should be given to create confusion, even though the Prime Minister’s interview is “free” from election campaign-like content.

Abiy Ahmed led government claims that the government has total commitment for making the election fair, democratic and transparent. Mr. Mohammed reiterated it. 

It is ,however, unspecified whether the interview was in state owned media or otherwise. 

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  1. The lady in charge has told everyone to shut up! Shut up is shut up! Hello! Hello! Is somebody upstairs? Between now and next Tuesday the lady in charge, that Taytu incarnate is the only one allowed to talk. Shut up!! I gave up!!!!


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