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Election Board denies EHRC passes to observe the election

The Board reportedly cited legal provisions in denying Ethiopian Human Rights Commission a pass to observe the sixth general election

Daniel Bekele , Election Board Director (Photo : DW Amharic)


A report by the Ethiopian Reporter Amharic edition published on Thursday said that Ethiopian Human Rights Commission made preparations to observe the election from the trajectory of respect for human rights. But the  Election Board refused to issue passes to EHRC. 

And the Board claims to have a legal ground to do so. It cited section 123 of The Ethiopian Electoral and Political Parties Proclamation ( which was enacted in 2019) . That section says “The Board shall issue or cause to be issued certificates to election observers, onsite and mobile

representatives, journalists and election observers. ” 

In the subsequent two or three sections, it specifically talks about issuing licenses and required criteria for it.  The Board’s decision about the EHRC request could be appealed in a Federal high court, but it would not serve ( if it wins the appeal) the purpose of observing the election this coming Monday simply due to time constraints. 

The reporter cited its sources to report that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has given a written response to the Election Board on June 14.  “Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is not in the lists of bodies entitled to get passes,” is the response the Board gave to EHRC.

Political party representatives, election observers and journalists have the right to get passes as per the guidelines – which seem to emphasize independence and impartiality principles. 

EHRC has appealed to the Board to reconsider its decision, according to The Reporter.  EHRC on its part is pulling relevant legislation that established it as an entity to assert that the Board needs to look into its decision again. It cited section 6(11) of the 1224/2020 Human Rights Commission Proclamation. 

There appears to be precedents the Board was given a pass in an election/referendum environment. When the Sidama statehood referendum was organized in 2020, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission was issued with a pass from the Election Board. 

Amended legislation relating to the rights and responsibilities granted EHRC to follow-up human rights protection issues, but it was not listed in the legislation that established the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia. 

“If the Board understands that EHRC is mandated to follow-up human rights protection, including in times of election, it should know or extrapolate how EHRC could discharge its responsibilities,” is the argument made in favor of EHRC. 

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  1. This commission can still investigate if voters were pressured or intimidated on Monday, Tuesday and everyday of the week after that. Birtikfan bint Mideast is going by the law. There will be many other observers including those from the African Union watching the election on site. African Union is not a rubber stamp outfit it used to be. This Election Board was asked to do things outside its mandate like maintaining security during the Election Season. Maintaining law and order is not the duty of the Election Board, dummy! That responsibility belongs to the ruling administration with all its police, militia and ENDF, nitwit!

    Now let’s hope and pray that the Election being held just hours from now will be peaceful throughout. If not we should expect the military coming in and grab the mantle in the name of keeping law and order. Then you can kiss and say godd bye to that gem of the colored. You will see the entire 120 million people on the move. That is what these leaders of advocacy groups among us and orphans of college campuses want to see so they can go in there and carve out territories to call that their own personal republic/fiefdom.

  2. There is one possible aftermath that will follow the national election tomorrow that most major media outlets agree on. It does not look expectation but rather a wish. Reuters, AFP, BBC(slightly mellowed lately) and the gang are absolutely sure that human blood will flow like rivers beginning Tuesday. They are fanned by the bigots among us. Bloodshed or bust in Ethiopia seems to be their latest mantra. The TPLF central command center, the WFP, has committed its entire page about the genocide and forced/imposed starvation. It is amazing how a century old foundation for world peace is being told what to think and say by just two operatives in this day and age. This must be a lesson for those patriotic, peace and harmony mongering countrymen/women among us. You have to raid influential organizations with your intellectual horsepower. These humanitarian organizations were all founded with good intentions and sacred missions to bring humanity together in ever lasting peace. They were supposed to be independent sans the influences of political groups. You have to expose their current off-the-tracks ways. These organizations have to be saved!!!!


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