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Ethiopian army undertook operation in Tigray useful for humanitarian aid : EDF


The Office of the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force on Tuesday said that the Defense Force has completed an operation that will create a conducive condition for humanitarian activity in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

“The Defense Force is relentlessly supporting people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia,” it was said, as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

 General Berhanu Jula, Chief of staff of the Defense Force, had a discussion with the World Food Program country director, Steven Were Omamo, regarding humanitarian work in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

Ethiopian News Agency cited General Berhanu as saying that World Food Program officials need to understand that a conducive environment prevails in Tigray region of Ethiopia to deliver the humanitarian assistance and that the WFP needs to work with relevant authorities. 

He also recalled that the root cause of the problem was the attack that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) launched against the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020. 

Now, he added, federal and regional authorities are working together with a focus to facilitate humanitarian work and that conditions are conducive to undertake the humanitarian assistance now. 

Furthermore, the ENA report indicated that a committee drawn from the Defense Force, Tigray region provisional administration, the Ministry of Peace, from local and international humanitarian organizations is established to support facilitation for aid work.  

Soon after the end of the war, the Ethiopian government was, as disclosed by relevant authorities, providing more than 70 percent of the humanitarian assistance in the region which is said to have supported about 4 million people. 

Last month, however, the government announced that it could no longer provide 70 percent of the humanitarian assistance. 

In  March 2021, the Word Food Programme announced that it is seeking $US 170 million to respond to what it called “food security emergency” in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

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  1. This is it! I just verified that it is all true!
    You just verified what, Ittu?
    I just verified that Eritrean troops are in Tigray and Oromia killing civilians only but not rebels.
    Wow! You do a lot of investigative work, Ittu. You must have a large network throughout the world.
    Yes many BBC and AFP reporters including de waal are members of my outfit.
    So what did you find?
    Both Berhanu Jula and Bacha Debele are Eritreans born to Eritrean parents. Berhanu was born In a small town just outside Asmara and Bacha was born in Keren to a Rashsida mother and a Beja father. I have their birth certificates in my possession. They both are killers, man. Just the other day Bacha killed 35,786 Oromo just in one day in Western Oromia. So far he has killed 383,645 Oromos since May 2021. Berhanu on his part has killed 405,712 Oromos in Western Hararghe during the last 7 days alone. I have submitted my investigative report to the G7 powers and they are hopping mad about it. The Arab League too. Winnie the Pooh and Duffy Duck also have my report. Duffy has threatened to use his air power if Bacha and Berhanu do not leave Ethiopia with their Eritrean soldiers with in 7 days. See how genius I am! This will find me a professorship job at a college here in Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota, Australia and Staffordshire. I can’t help it that I am so genius!!!
    So what will you teach in college Ittu?
    I will create a course called ‘Ethnic cleansing and genocide against Tigrayans and Oromos by Menelik, Gobena and Dinagde’. It will have a 4.0 semester credit hours in law.

      • I got paid 25 million in crisp cold US dollars. I will send you 5 million out of that soon. Check your checking account after this coming Friday. See, I ain’t that greedy.

  2. Subject:” Ethiopian army undertook operation in Tigray useful for humanitarian aid, :June 15, 2021

    Humble Comment, 16 June 2021
    It may sound cruel or crude, but it is absolutely essential that the aide money collected from various so-called “humanitarian” organizations REACH THE POOR VICTIMS of TIGRAY and not to any other slick recipients. I STOP here and silently pray for the unfortunate people of Tigray who seem to be repeated victims of Nature (or man made deception) for some mysterious reason. Let it be in the consciousness of Tigrayans of highly and supremely educated elites who are tuned to themselves for their own ambition and greed. Where are the self appointed leaders and their enablers of “YESTERDAY”? WHAT A DECEPTION !!!! What A TRAGEDY!!!!


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