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Chinese FM opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs

China opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs: Chinese FM

China _ Ethiopia _ foreign interference


BEIJING, China opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Thursday in phone talks with Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen.

Wang made the remarks after being briefed by Mekonnen on the domestic situation in Ethiopia.

Noting that China and Ethiopia are old and good friends, Wang said the two sides are each other’s comprehensive strategic cooperative partners and have a good tradition of supporting each other.

China firmly supports Ethiopia in defending national peace and stability, actively exploring a development path suited to its national conditions, and overcoming the pandemic so as to resume economic and social development, Wang said.

Ethiopia’s domestic issues should be resolved primarily through the efforts of the Ethiopian government, Wang said, adding that the international community should provide support while fully respecting Ethiopia’s will, and should not impose unilateral sanctions on the country.

Wang said China is willing to provide assistance to alleviate humanitarian difficulties in Tigray, and has dispatched the first batch of food aid.

On the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Wang said the unilization of cross-border water resources has always been sensitive and complex, and dialogue and consultation are the optimal way to resolve the issue.

China sincerely hopes that Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan will find a mutually beneficial and win-win solution through negotiations, he added.

Mekonnen, for his part, expressed gratitude to China for its precious support and sincere help in Ethiopia’s anti-pandemic fight, and appreciated China’s adherence to the non-interference policy.

He also expressed willingness to maintain close exchange and coordination with China on international affairs, jointly defend the legitimate rights and interests of the two sides as well as the developing countries at large, and safeguard international fairness and justice.

Mekonnen said he hopes to further strengthen friendly cooperation with China in various fields and continuously promote the deepening of Africa-China relations, so as to achieve common development and prosperity.

Source : Xinhua

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  1. Subject: “Chinese FM opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs” Source : Xinhua June 11, 2021 ‘

    Humble Commentary, 12 June 2021
    Politics, Politics, Politics … Needless to say, words are cheep. If we were to convert all the words emanating out of our mouth [or writing on paper] into cash money , we would be millionaire over night to our miraculous happiness. But, Alas, the sound and [the written words] suddenly evaporates into the thin air — and all the documents wound-up in our Archives named JUNK. . And so, our EXISTENCE on Earth goes on, and on, and on to our eternal grave yard. But the Roulette keeps on rotating for the next victims. THAT IS OUR NATURE [TREASURE ?!). Have a Nice Day with a medicinal SMILE. Warning: NOT LAUGHTER, as it is a sign of lunacy.

    By the way an insightful Ethiopian proverb popes out of my mini- brain: “sinitewawoK; anitenaneK ” Dear Reader, fit it anywhere you wish.

  2. Go to every country the U.S and Nato demolished, every Chinese economic interest in other countries is where U.S and Nato demolished. I am wondering if China is helping these countries get attacked or West follieing China to detriment of these poor countries: yemen, lynia, syria, etc who worked with china rnded uo being attacked by West and Chona never came to the rescue of these countries except benefit by sell arms and take natural resources from attacked countries.


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