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USA to spend $181 million to Ethiopia to provide “5.2 million people” humanitarian aid in Tigray

USAID claims 5.2 million people in the region are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance , and food aid. The figure however seems to be tricky. 


U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator, Samantha Power, on Wednesday announced that her country will provide $181 million dollars in aid to support the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

It will be channelled via U.S. Aid “to deliver life-saving food, agricultural supplies, safe drinking water, shelter, health care, and essential services to protect the most vulnerable in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where a worsening humanitarian catastrophe threatens millions of civilians,” it was said. 

Based on updates from the U.S. aid, the money will be spent on 100,000 metric tons of food, which is said to be enough food for three million people for two months. It also aims to provide seeds,tools and fertilizers for farmers in the region.  

USAID described the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia as “dire” that is “deteriorating at alarming speed ”  claiming that 5.2 million people in the region are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.  The number however does not seem to be accurate. 


A report by reliefweb in November 2020 entitled “Africa: Tigray Population Movement Information bulletin (20 November 2020)” estimated the total population in Tigray to be 5 million. And there was no official census in recent months. Now a top google search result about the population of Tigyay indicates 7.07 million. 

The image painted by USAID about the situation in Tigray itself is starkly different from one that is shared by Ethiopian authorities. 

Since the outbreak of the conflict in the region in November 2020, the Ethiopian government has been providing more than 70 percent of humanitarian aid ( food and other supplies). It was said that more than 4 million people in all the zones and districts, except in four districts, were provided with humanitarian aid. 

Also, recent news coverage by state owned media indicated that most of the areas in the region, including Mekelle city, are returning to normalcy. 

There had been security challenges in the past related to the guerrilla activities of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Last month, Ethiopia’s Emergency Task Force Last said that 20 members of provisional administration authorities were assassinated and 22 others were kidnapped. 

TPLF’s guerrilla operation complicated humanitarian assistance work in the region.  The U.S. government imposed visa sanctions on selected Ethiopian and Eritrean authorities in connection with the situation in the region. 

Reports of Famine in Tigray region of Ethiopia 

Mr. Mark Lowcock, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, claimed on Friday that there is already famine in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

He said so during a meeting with representatives from G7 and EU Member States, and heads of UN agencies including OCHA, UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR, WHO, UN Women, UNDP and FAO, as reported by OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). 

He also tweeted : 

“There is famine in Ethiopia right now. To save lives and stop the situation getting far worse, humanitarian actors need:

far more funding, urgently

unobstructed access to people who need aid

to dramatically scale-up their response” 

The Ethiopian government has not reported any famine in the region. 

There has been growing skepticism, even condemnation, in Ethiopia in opposition to the way state and non-state actors in the west

have been trying to pressure Ethiopia in connection with the situation in the region. 

People tend to think that the U.S. , its allies and multilateral institutions overwhich the U.S. has immense influence are rather engaged in resuscitating  TPLF – which triggered and lost the war. 

USA ‘s pressure on Ethiopia seems to be catalyzing a search for a new alliance in the Horn of Africa. China and Russia opposed US’s interventionist policy in the region.


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  1. This is Good Ole USA at its usual best and once again proving itself to be a country of philanthropists. Tell/ask those two despots in Moscow to top this. They would rather give you a loan shark deal to sell you Mig’s and knock-off Cartier’s. Almost everybody except Putin and Xi is screaming ‘famine’ as present and clear danger as we speak in Tigray. Better not a single citizen in that region die from famine! Not one! I will be holding the leaders of the current regime responsible for human deaths from starvation, the most agonizing death imaginable. Stop bragging about winning the war because we have been already told that the war in that region had ended in December 2020. And quit belching the ‘sovereignty’ song off a broken record. Enough already with that!!! We have to a point where we cannot say everyone warning about famine is a liar because all of them have sold their souls to the goons of TPLF. If you are not incapable of reaching the beleaguered citizens then let others with the capabilities to do just that. Again, in this day and age, in 2021 not a single Ethiopian should die from manmade starvation. No sir.

    Now this is for my very dear countrymen/women in the Diaspora. We are extremely fortunate enough to live far away from the mayhem and destructive conflicts that have been taking place in the country we left behind. I know almost all of us have not forgotten those people we left behind when we open our wallets to help them in many occasions. This is the time when we have the chance to shine once again. Those citizens in Tigray are receiving the brunt of destruction and atrocities for no fault of their own. They were clobbered to a complete and absolute by the despots who were riding on their bare backs clothed with tattered fabrics for more than 45 years. Now they are hungry to a brink of starvation. We should once again help them with the last penny in our pocket. O’ my people! Woe! Woe!!! Woe!!!

  2. QUOTE: “Those citizens in Tigray are receiving the brunt of destruction and atrocities for no fault of their own.” UNQUOTE Ittu Aba Farda June 10, 2021
    THANK YOU. those eighteen words above said it ALL.
    It is a glaring challenge to those who instigated, day and night for their own- — and only their own — benefit
    It is superficial to say more. THE END

    • This is for our Eritrean brother Obbo Rezen,

      Sir, I am getting mixed signals from your comment: ‘It is a glaring challenge to those who instigated, day and night for their own- — and only their own — benefit It is superficial to say more. THE END’

      What does that mean? If citizens die of starvation in Tigray, they deserve to die of such agonizing death because they caused it? I mean every citizen in that region? If you meant to be sarcastic I think you should come up with skits. When you, I and millions others in the Diaspora suffer from indigestion, not a single citizen of that entire region should die from manmade, man aggravated famine. Not one and there is no sarcasm about it. This involves Allah Created and Blessed human lives. Dealing with the goons of TPLF is one thing but watching innocent citizens die of starvation is totally different matter, a criminal one.

  3. The whole world knows that USAID is another household name for the CIA, under the same budgeting, umbrella, and same administration’s of the spying agencies of national security, agencies.

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅሕ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::


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