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Sudan, Egypt met in Khartoum over how to make Ethiopia sign “biding deal”

Egypt seeks ction from United Nations Security Council to pressure Ethiopia to sign a “binding deal,” before second phase of GERD filling

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Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, and the Irrigation Minister, Abdel Aty, were in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Wednesday this week when they met with their counterparts from Sudan. 

They met to discuss how to make Ethiopia sign a “binding agreement” over the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam before the second filling of the dam, which is scheduled for next month. 

According to a report by Reuters, the two countries have reached an agreement and issued a joint statement. They agreed “to coordinate efforts to push Ethiopia to negotiate “seriously” on an agreement on filling and operating a giant dam it is building on the Blue Nile.”

Sudan Tribune reported that the two countries also agreed “to coordinate bilateral efforts at the regional, continental and international levels to press Ethiopia to negotiate in good faith and true political will to reach a comprehensive, fair and legally binding agreement on filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam.”

As the disputes over GERD heightens, the two countries rushed to sign a military cooperation agreement in March of this year- something many understood to be a sort of psychological war against Ethiopia. Not just that, in late May of this year, they undertook joint military training in  Sudan involving air and ground forces of the two countries. 

Meanwhile, on Thursday Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry had a conversation with the UN Secretary-General António Guterres regarding GERD.  He reportedly told him that “Security Council can push Ethiopia to ‘engage in serious negotiations with an honest political will’ to reach a legally binding agreement on the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD),” as reported by Ahram. 

The last trilateral meeting between the three countries was held in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the African Union playing a leading role in brokering the deal.  The agreement reached a deadlock after Egypt and Sudan proposed changing the role of observers (namely United States, UN and European Union)  to a level that could impact the outcome of the negotiation. 

Ethiopia says the demand for “binding agreement” before the second filling of the GERD, which is expected to retain 13.9 billion cubic meters of water to run two turbines for early power generation, violates the Declaration of Principle agreement that the three countries signed in 2015. 

Another important difference is that Egypt and Sudan want to transform the negotiation in a way to make it a deal over the Nile river. Ethiopia rather wants the negotiation to be about GERD – particularly about the filling and operation of the dam. Even regarding the operation of the dam, ideas from Egypt to have an office in the project site to monitor operation is something that Ethiopia considers to be a violation of Ethiopia’s sovereignty for which the government seems to have popular support.  

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  1. Subject: Sudan, Egypt met in Khartoum over how to make Ethiopia sign “biding deal”, borkena, June 10, 2021

    Humble Opinion, 10 June 2021
    What Egypt’s leader want [with the sad tailing of Sudan) is to make Ethiopia servitude of Egypt at any cost to the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE. —- and, in fact, to the entire BLACK PEOPLE OF AFRICA. It is a reflection of colonialism, executed by Europeans for seemingly time immemorial. There must be a limit to ‘everything’. Egypt, with its collaborator Sudan, must understand that there is a limit to everything in Life. In particular, Egypt must come to its senses. and understand the consequences of stubbornness, ”bold-end’ by previous irresponsible leader of a Big Country.

  2. The Egyptian leader El- Sisi and Sudan’s leaders Abdel Fattah al-Burhan/ Abdalla Hamdok needs to wake up from their beauty sleeps, Ethiopians do not need Egypt’s and Sudan’s permissions to develop their country using their waters, lands, and resources, period end of the story, you must swallow this fact once and for all, otherwise, you will be choking for a long time to come and you will be responsible for the repercussions and consequences you must face that follows due to your retarded decisions.


  3. Hey Y’all! This is the two halves of Sudanese and Egyptian envoys! I have ordered you, not once but a million times already, to leave the entire regions of Gojjam and Gondar along with those living within 200 miles of south of the Blue Nile up to the outskirts of Addis/Finfine. We need those entire regions for the new arrivals from Egypt. Just in case you don’t know that entire region used to be Egypt’s internationally recognized territory from the times of King Iry-Hor(3000BC) until the British robbed it from us and gave them to you in 1902, 1929 and 1959. You must heed this advice and leave the entire area beginning two weeks ago. You better think about the consequences if you don’t. Don’t forget that I have sky pile of VX and all kinds of Novichok agents at my disposal and you will have no chance. So leave and do it now!!!! Btw, tell that countryman of yours who made me look like an idiot during all those negotiations, Sileshi, to leave behind the blue print and the keys of the dam you have built on my River Nile. DO IT NOW!!!!

  4. Egypt has cleansed its ancient Christian societies, the country is hard core Muslim Brotherhood working with the Westerners to colinize other Arab countries and Africans. Its people are radicalized that is where Isis, Al Qaeda, etc was formed foreign benefit, killing Christians all over Arab countries. Today, they are tirning to Ethiopia to cleanse ancient Christians. Egypt eventually will be broken by the same foreigners it is helping today helping ethiopia to break apart. Before Muslim brother hood took over, Egypt was Christians and indiginous peoples. Colinization and Islamic fundamentalism have always been threat to world peace and is growing that is why they are working together to destroy this god’s ceeation world.

  5. Hey el-Sisi! Did you see that rain right on top of the Blue Nile just stone throw away from Lake Tana? It has been pouring in buckets for hours and there is no sign it is letting up soon. What do you say about that? What did you say? Cloud seeding? Duh!!! It is June wise guy! It is Mother Nature and nobody is moving a single concrete block for diversion. Your former masters did not mention about Mother Nature in their 1902, 1929 and 1959 Slave Trade Treaty. I love you Mother Nature!!!


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