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Tigray : Mekelle returning to normalcy, schools open

Elementary and secondary schools started again in Mekelle but it seems that more students are yet to resume classes 

Mekelle _ Ethiopia _ Tigray
Residents of Mekelle returning back to normalcy ( Photo : EPA)


The seat of Tigray regional state, Mekelle, is slowly returning  to normalcy. Residents of the city are reportedly  undertaking their business and seen in the streets in large numbers.  Elementary and secondary schools are reportedly open.

Ethiopia’s state media, ENA, said on Tuesday that journalists from state media were deployed to the city to cover stories about return to regular activities of residents in the city.

Aster Yitbarek, the region’s provisional administration education office head, said that both private and public schools are opened in Mekelle. 

She added that schools will start in the parts of the city where there are displaced people from different parts of the region, as reported by ENA. 

Journalists spoke to students from Mekelle’s Felege Hiwot elementary school and Atse Yohannes secondary school. Students are cited as saying that they have resumed, according to the report, classes. 

They also said that they were doing all they can to compensate for the time wasted.   A video footage shared by Ethiopian News Agency ,state media, shows students in classrooms and school premises. But their classrooms do seem to be normal class size – especially in the context of Ethiopian schools. It may mean that many students are yet to resume classes. 

“We all have to be ready for class and parents should send their children to school,” ENA cited students as saying. 

School was closed during the course of what the Ethiopian government calls law enforcement operation against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which started the war in the region when it attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in unsuspecting circumstances in early November 2020. 

It is unclear if the situation outside Mekelle is similar. 

For over six months, the region was under state of emergency legislation which the regional administration is considering to end. 

Mekelle _ Tigray _ Ethiopia

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration established a provisional administration soon after the defeat of TPLF forces in December 2020. 

However, there were security incidents in the region. Last month, Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Task Force disclosed that 20 members of the provisional administration were killed by TPLF insurgents, and 22 others were kidnapped. 

Earlier this month, former Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff and latter a businessman, General Tsadkan Gebretense, who is said to be in charge of TPLF guerrilla movement after the death of Debretsion Gebremichal, claimed that they have recruited and trained tens of thousands of young people. And sounded that their “struggle is promising.” 

The United States of America and its European allies have been putting pressure on Ethiopian government to end the war and resort to political settlement. 

However, the Ethiopian parliament designated TPLF  ( and Oromo Liberation Front -Shane) as a terrorist organization. And the demand by the US  for political settlement and negotiation with TPLF is seen by many as intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

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  1. Subject: “Tigray : Mekelle returning to normalcy, schools open, borkena, June 9, 2021

    Humble Commentary
    QUOTE: And the demand by the US  for political settlement and negotiation with TPLF is seen by many as intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. UNQUOTE

    YES, YES, YES: in fact, the fundamental problem has ALWAYS been the “intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia”. It, in fact, applies to the entire Continent of Black Africa. The sordid history of colonialism upon Africa is too long and deeply hurtfull to narrate. Let the Good Lord, way , way, way up in Heaven, be conscious of it — so goes the teaching of colonialist marauders who came in with godly attire and looted the rich Continent of PURE HEARTED DEAR BLACK AFRICA. It is the greatest crime that has been perpetrated upon GOOD HONEST CONTINENT. What hurts more than anything else is the fact that our modern educated scholars ,with top most degree of philosophy, proved to be incapable of saving their own dear BLACK AFRICAN CONTINENT. That is the TRUE meaning of TRAGEDY., as applied and proved upon innocent AFRICA THE END

  2. The government, esp, the opposing societies within must not play in the hands of outside aggressors. They have to play more leadership and effort to empower Tigray more than ever to quash the international media as ” savior of Tigray”. There are still foreign elements / organization in Tigray and other parts of Ethiopia disguising as humanitarian, clinics. Such as docyors without borders, tc, but occupying strategic Ethiopia’s resources and spying. Emphasis: there is no ONE foreign organization that benefied ethiopia the past 27 yrs.


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