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Ethiopian troops deployed to Sudanese border : report

Sudan has been occupying Ethiopian territories along the border since November 2020 and no confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia that the occupied areas are recovered

Sudan _ Ethiopia border
Google Map of Ethiopia and the region


Sudan Tribune, one of Sudanese renowned news sources, reported on Wednesday that Ethiopian troops are deployed to the border area between the two countries. 

“Sudanese military sources said the Ethiopian army deployed extra troops along their common border with Sudan in the Amhara region as militiamen continue their regular attacks on Sudanese farmers,” it said. 

What the source, which claims to have sources in the military, called “recent build-up of forces” by Ethiopian troops is along the areas of Taya, Um Dablo, Wad Alagouz, Haskanit, and  Qatrand, in the Garadref State.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has not remarked about reports of military build up along the borders with Sudan.  Nor there is no confirmation so far, whatsoever, if the occupied Ethiopian territories are recovered. 

It is to be recalled that Sudanese military occupied territories deep inside Ethiopia, in some areas as deep as 50 kilometes, in November 2020 following the removal of the Ethiopian army from the area for what the Ethiopian government calls law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia has been advocating for peaceful resolution of the border dispute with Sudan. 

Ethiopia has declined mediation efforts by South Sudan and United Arab Emirates, saying the issue is something that needs bilateral relations.  However, it demanded the withdrawal of Sudanese forces from the occupied areas as a precondition for the talk. 

In a related development, there are reports of anti-government  protest in the Sudanese capital Khartoum. It is said to be triggered by government cuts to gas subsidy. 

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