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Sudan reviewing naval base deal with Russia

Seemingly, Russia has not yet responded to Sudan ‘s review of the 2017 agreement between the two countries

Sudan _ Russia _ naval base
Photo caption : The Russian Navy Frigate rfs Admiral Grigorovich enter in Port Sudan on November 28, 2021 (Photo : Ruptly Video screenshot via Sudan Tribune)


Sudan is reportedly reviewing naval bases with Russia as some clauses in the agreement are thought to be not in the interest of Sudan. 

A report by AFP on Friday, which cited a senior Sudanese military official,  “Sudan is reviewing a deal its ousted president Omar al-Bashir negotiated with Russia allowing construction of a naval base after some clauses were found to be “somewhat harmful.”

The agreement between the two countries was signed during president Omar al-Bashir’s government that was ousted in 2019 through a military coup. 

Sudan and Russia had a friendly relation when the former was under the U.S. sanction – which is currently lifted.  Western governments have been supporting Sudan’s “transition to democracy.”

Last month, France cancelled Sudanese debts worth billions of dollars. Also, France donated $1.5  billion in support of Prime Minister Abdella Hamdok’s government – which is said to be in a tense relation with the military leaders who are credited with the coup that ended Omar al-Bashir government. 

The U.S. government special envoy, Jeffery Feltman, to the Horn of African visited Sudan last month.  The U.S. has removed Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terror and the relation between the two countries transformed to something that looks like Sudan has become a client state to the U.S. 

A Russian delegation was visiting Sudan last week with whom the issue of reviewing the naval based deal was discussed, indicates the report by AFP. 

The naval base was planned to be along Sudan’s Red Sea Coast. 

In early May this year, there were reports that Sudan requested the withdrawal of Russian Military equipment that was shipped for the naval base – which was expected to have up to four ships and 300 personnel. 

It is unclear if Russia has responded to the latest report regarding review of the deal. 

Photo caption : The Russian Navy Frigate rfs Admiral Grigorovich enter in Port Sudan on November 28, 2021 (Photo : Ruptly Video screenshot via Sudan Tribune)

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