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Tigray Region Administration aims for an end to state of emergency

Dr. Abraham Belay (Photo : EBC)


Tigray region provisional administration had three days of performance evaluation  meetings this week.

Pressing issues of concern are discussed as the works by the provisional administration in the past six months were evaluated. 

The security situation in the region, provision of humanitarian assistance to displaced people, public service delivery and the coronavirus prevention works were among the issues that were top in the agenda items, based on a report from VOA Amharic service.

Dr Abraham Belay, who was named as head of Tigray region provisional administration in early May replacing Dr Mulu Nega, said the administration is working on ending the state of emergency in the region. 

He added that arrangements are being made for people in the region to be participants in the effort to maintain peace and security in the region, and restore normalcy. 

There are still curfews in some parts of the region,and the administration is working on making changes to it and ultimately removing it, it was said. 

The state of emergency was imposed in the Tigray region in December 2020 soon after the Ethiopian Defense Forces took control of Mekelle city defeating the TPLF forces. 

Currently, the TPLF forces are said to be in a guerrilla warfare against the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

The U.S government recently introduced measures to use visa restriction and economic sanction against the Ethiopian government on alleged grounds of “human rights violations” in the Tigray region by the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces. 

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  1. Subject: “ Tigray Region Administration aims for an end to state of emergency” borkena, June 1, 2021

    Humble Comment, 2 June 2021
    It is about time that Tigrai comes to its senses for its own benefit and consequently for the entire country, Ethiopia. Let TIME judge the individual perpetrators of upheaval for their own individual ambitious benefit. Mysteriously and sadly, it is part of our human nature to hurt ourselves from time to time. We can’t help it.


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