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Leaked video Ethiopian Prime Minister video file doctored one, says government

Ethiopians raise concerns about Ethiopian media as the alleged leaked video of the prime minister is proved to be entirely false

Leaked video


An allegedly  leaked audio of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed from the latest meeting of Prosperity Party executive is proved to be false. 

The video content published by Kello media, which is said to be based in Egypt, is entirely false and based on doctoring Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed past speeches. 

In the two minutes “leaked video” the prime minister is heard making remarks about the upcoming Ethiopian election saying “I would rather die than handover power-”  

The ruling Prosperity Party has issued a statement reacting to it. Dr. Bikila Hurrisa, public relation head of the party, said “the information being disseminated is completely false. It was manufactured from the party’s president’s speech at different times,” as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

For the party, the intention of the video was to create mistrust between the people and government, and create instability in the country. “It is  the works of those who do not feel responsible about their work…” Mr. Bikila added. 

Furthermore, he said that there are external and internal forces behind such an agenda, that do not want to see the development of Ethiopia. 

The office of the Prime Minister on Monday reacted to the video message too.  It said, “The Office of the Prime Minister wishes to affirm that the supposedly leaked audio of the Prime Minister during the Prosperity Party meeting of last week is a fake audio compilation which has been put together by drawing on different remarks made by the Prime Minister and editing it into one compilation. In this era of disinformation and as the elections draw nearer, we urge citizens to be vigilant about such types of disinformation campaigns aimed at creating discord.” 

Apart from government officials, Ethiopians on social media who are not known to be prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s supporters

“Kello Media’s unprofessional and amateurish work demonstrates the level of our media. When I see a ‘renowned  media’ that offers over an hour long analysis based on false video, I see that a great danger is posed to our people. A media that fails to do fact checking does not deserve to be called media…” Kesis Ephrem said in a remark,  he shared it on his facebook page, to the “leaked video”  

There were media outlets that published the video, like EthioTube, but later they announced on Monday saying that they are taking the content down until the content was verified. 

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