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Reducing the Prevalence of Domestic Servitude in Ethiopia Project Launch

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, June 1, 2020 – The United States Government announces the launch of the “Reducing the Prevalence of Domestic Servitude in Ethiopia” project, funded by U.S. Department of State Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP Office). The Ethiopia focused project is part of the TIP Office’s global Program to End Modern Slavery (PEMS), which funds transformational efforts that seek to achieve a measurable and substantial reduction of the prevalence of human trafficking in populations and regions within countries worldwide. The TIP Office partners with foreign governments, international organizations, other federal agencies, civil society, the private sector, and survivors of human trafficking to develop and implement effective strategies to combat human trafficking.   

The Reducing the Prevalence of Domestic Servitude in Ethiopia project aims to reduce trafficking of child domestic workers in Addis Ababa, and to reduce trafficking of Ethiopians migrating to the Middle East as domestic workers from Addis Ababa and the Amhara region.  

Implemented by the Freedom Fund, this $7 million project began in 2019. Under this project, the child domestic workers program focuses on influencing the behaviors of those involved in trafficking, improving the Government of Ethiopia’s ability to monitor domestic worker conditions, building the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) that work in the trafficking sector, and improving the services available to child domestic workers. Meanwhile, the safer migration program concentrates on improving community understanding of safe migration, assisting the Government of Ethiopia to improve its legal migration system, working with CSOs to improve government accountability in the sector, and improving reintegration services for returnees.  

TIP Office Acting Director Dr. Kari Johnstone adds: “We urge the Government of Ethiopia to continue strengthening its efforts to combat human trafficking while working with the Reducing the Prevalence of Domestic Servitude in Ethiopia project. We hope this partnership leads to tangible progress on this important issue in Ethiopia.”  

For any enquiries about the Reducing the Prevalence of Domestic Servitude in Ethiopia Project please contact Mr. Conor McGuire at  
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  1. So bizarre, they are talking in opposite. The current et government reduced drastically eth immigrating to other countries. For 27 year tplf was endlaving ethiopians by sending them to arab countries. There was coordinated tplf, egypt, west, that tricked ethiopians for economic opportunity and thousands died / killed/ raped / drowned in the desert and ocean. No one is bringing this for justice internationally. Their death remin in vains.

  2. Interesting that the US hardly said a word in the two decades Tplf was running a multi-million dollar business literally selling young women to Arabs. We are talking about nearly 1.5 millions at $200 per month, the rest going to Arab middle-men and the big share to Tplf officials. In fact the current WHO DG who was then Foreign Minister devised a way of organizing a community for the young women through the embassies to collect more money for his party Tplf! There will come a time when Tedros Adhanom will be forced to account for his numerous corrupt and criminal activities. Topping the list would be the kidnapping of Andargachew Tsige while in transit in Yemen!

  3. Ethiopia’s chilfren in thousands fir the past 27 years were sold internationally in the form “adaption” for pedophelia, child sacrifice, etc, still there is no justice today. There is so mich pressure on Ethiopia so that Ethippia is distracted frm bring justice for these children

  4. I dont know why Ethiopians are sitying idle, watching this Evil Tedros Adanom as stooje, continue to be Dr of Who. How is it these infividuals who come out of poor and same regions take gladly such haeinous task against thrir own? The leadt they can do is, decline doing haeinous acts or positions ti affect the disevranchised. The foreign elements had said, they have no long term friendship but longterm interest. This means you help them today against people, and you get rewarded for the moment, but tomirrow it will against you.


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