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Putin to Ethiopia : “Further cooperation in the core interests of our people”

The Message from Putin to Ethiopian leaders came at a time when the United States of America is exerting pressure on Ethiopia in what many says is effort to rescue TPLF

Putin Message _ Ethiopia
President Vladimir Putin (Photo : via Russian Embassy to Ethiopia )


Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote a letter to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Sahlework Zewde. It was meant for the occasion of what he called national day – May 28 – locally known as Ginbot 20 – which marked the entry to Tigray People’s Liberation Front led guerrilla forces, under the umbrella of EPRDF,  to the capital Addis Ababa. 

The day is no longer celebrated after the political and military defeat of TPLF – a party that dominated Ethiopian politics for three decades and now back to the wilderness of the Tigray region of Ethiopia as a guerrilla force.  The United States of America has been recently issuing infuriating statements against Ethiopia which many Ethiopians understood as an effort to rescue TPLF, and  secede the Tigray region of Ethiopia, in what is believed to be a bid to maintain geopolitical interest along the Red Sea region. 

In light of those circumstances, President Vladimir Putin’s letter to Ethiopian leaders carries weight with a considerable significance. 

Noting that “Russian-Ethiopian Relations are traditionally friendly,”  Mr. Putin expressed optimism that further development of multifaceted bilateral cooperation would be in alignment with the interests of the peoples of the two countries. 

“I am confident that further development of constructive bilateral cooperation in all areas meets the core interests of our people and goes in line with strengthening regional security and stability,” Mr. Putin wrote. 

Mr. Putin’s Letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Sahlework Zewde

The Russian Embassy in Ethiopia shared the letter on its social media page. 

Russia, like China, has been supporting African Union led negotiation over the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). 

The U.S. and European Union were sitting in as observers during the negotiation. While Egypt and Sudan campaigned for elevating the observer status of those forces in the GERD negotiation, Ethiopia rejected it saying that the African Union is the right platform to solve African problems. 

Egypt and Sudan this week started intensive joint military exercises in Sudan while the United States threatened Ethiopia with sanction in connection with alleged human rights violations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The U.S. is demanding an end of the conflict  while the TPLF is wagging what looks like urban guerrilla exploiting human shields. 

Russia has been expressing interest to take cooperation with Ethiopia to the next level in all its forms


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  1. I hope and pray that such courtship will not be 1976-77 all over again. This despot already has the starter seed in that country. The country’s armed forces are equipped with guns and fighter jets made with the Soviet Union technology. It will be easier for him to get in and hold every official by the shorts for survival. Folks, expect a series of coup de etas and civil wars that will make the civil wars of the 1970’s and 80’s look like a cake walk.

    • Yest, it looks like Derg/Mengistu era. The government must learn from past mistakes. The one l keep having questions that, the enemy of Ethiopia/Tplf/Meles zenawi started the Nile Dam because it seems there is/was plot to get Ethipia attacked, creat war for Ethiopia in order to benefit certain countries. They want to kill two birds with one stone. The sheep Ethiopian prople and the government is drumming the war can only harm Ethiopia, not even Egypt. Ethiopia then should have changed the enemies direction and can eadily develop by setting up mini irrigations. Ethiopia is going into this entrampent of unecessary war.

      • Yes sir! It irks and makes my very uncomfortable whenever I see these despotic dogs from Moscow and Beijing sniffing and scavenging around Addis/Finfine. Some of the pieces may not be present now but the influencing factors are there just like in 1976-77. But my heart bleeds when I hear news of civilians are caught in the crossfire and many of them intentionally victimized. No person is automatically the enemy just because he/she is of this or that ethnicity. But this is the ugly side of ethnic conflict. In such bloody conflicts the trust and harmony that were built between ethnic groups over time with so much effort and sacrifice will start eroding just overnight. The barbaric killings we hear now are the results of wholesale demonizing aimed at specific ethnic groups spewed around by hateful bigots. When you add to that the existence of a section of people in every society that don’t possess the sophistication to look through what they read and hear, then you will end up with monsters who will roam around killing innocent people including they have lived together in the most gruesome ways the country has never experienced. That why I have been blaming those blubber mouthed intellectuals there and here among us who should have known better for the current ills ravaging that otherwise Blessed country. I hate to say this but I wish these wise aleck and irresponsible intellectuals were not even born,


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