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Medical Miracle : 30 steel nails surgically removed from a man’s belly

Incredible Medical Miracle. A man who is said to have swallowed about thirty steel nails rescued after surgery in Southern Ethiopia  

Medical Miracle _ Ethiopia _ Steel nails


Doctors in Arba Minch city in South West Ethiopia surgically removed about 29 steel nails and a pen  from a man. Temesgen Teshome, Director of the Hospital, has confirmed the news. 

 BBC news Amharic  cited the director of the hospital  to report that the man is a convict serving a seven years prison term at the prison facility in the city. 

He developed a mental health issue during his stay in the prison and was on drugs,  Mr. Temesgen added. 

The man whose name is unspecified for unspecified reasons went to hospital on Tuesday this week complaining about abdominal pains. 

He was in severe pain, said Mr. Temesgen. 

During a medical assessment before the procedure, the man told doctors that he had been swallowing steel nails. An X-ray test revealed that he did have objects in his intestine. 

And he had surgery right away. The Director also told BBC Amharic that the patients’ stomach and intestine bear marks of holes from the objects. 

It is also said that the patient is in a stable condition after the procedure. Post surgery X-ray shows that all the objects are removed.

The report did not say how long the surgery took and if the patient is going to be back to prison given the reported mental health issue. 


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    Wish this guy speedy recovery.


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