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Gondar security situation under control after gunmen attacks

Google Satellite Map of Gondar area


Gondar experienced security issues again this week. Gunmen that are believed to be “Qimant Committee for Identity question” opened fire earlier this week from three directions. 

However, government security forces were able to repulse it and bring the situation under control. A report by DW Amharic on Friday said that the gunmen are pushed back and calm is restored to Gonder city. 

Social media sources said that stores were closed early when the attack was launched.  Based on citizen report many of the gunmen are taken prisoners. 

Armed groups linked to Qimant Committee are linked by observers to internal and external forces that ares said to be working to destabilize Ethiopia. 

The had bee recurring security incident in Gondar in connection with Qimant gunmen since Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) lost central power in April 2018.

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