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Ethiopia’s ruling party executive meeting to discuss “current affairs”

Ethiopia’s ruling party discussing “critical issues” , as disclosed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed


Ethiopia’s ruling party, Prosperity Party, is holding an executive committee level meeting. The state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC) said the executive committee is discussing current affairs and other issues of national nature. It is said to be a regular one.

The specifics of the meeting agenda were not revealed. However, the state media said that the executive committee, the highest body of the party, is expected to come up with what the source said “directives” about issues of national importance. 

Chairperson of the party, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, wrote on social media “Our executive committee meeting commences today pegged to cover many critical issues.” 

The law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia is not yet completed as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), once the master of Prosperity Party’s predecessor, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), reorganized as a guerrilla force after losing the war to the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

On Wednesday,  the Emergency Task Force, established to share the flow of information regarding the operation in the Tigray region and the state of emergency, said that TPLF has assassinated about 22 members of the provisional administration in the region and kidnapped twenty others.

Ironically, the situation has caused mounting pressure on the Ethiopian government. The U.S. state department and the White House issued a statement urging an end to the conflict through a negotiation, implying a recommendation for the TPLF to be part of negotiation. Last month, the Ethiopian parliament designated TPLF and Oromo Liberation Front -Shane as terrorist organizations – something that will make negotiation with TPLF difficult. 

The Prosperity Party meeting came  amid visa restrictions and economic sanctions by the U.S. government. 

Ethiopia is also facing a border dispute with Sudan as the latter has invaded an extensive territory since early November – when the Ethiopian Defense Force deployed to the border area was withdrawn due to the law enforcement operation in Tigray region. 

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a mega project worth over $5 billion, another critical issue that brought about pressure on Ethiopia from Sudan and Egypt.  The second filling is scheduled for the rainy months of July and August this year. Egypt said the second filling will not create a water shortage but it said that the unilateral filling will constitute a “national security” concern. 

Ethiopia will also conduct the sixth general election in a matter of weeks – which is expected to be  another issue for discussion in the ruling party. 

Ethiopians seem to see the pressure from the U.S. as a deliberate effort to put in place a weak government and help Egypt at the expense of Ethiopia. 

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