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Egypt now approaching Djibouti amid Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Dispute

Abiy Ahmed meeting with Egyptian president in 2018


Egyptian President Abdul Fatah al Sisi on Thursday arrived in Djibouti to meet with  Djibouti’s President,  Ismail Omar Guelleh, to foster bilateral ties. 

It is said to be the first time for an Egyptian leader to visit the tiny Horn of African Nation.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the bilateral meeting between the two countries will focus on military and economic ties. 

In April of this year, Egypt signed a military agreement with Uganda. And this week, Egypt signed a military agreement with Kenya. 

Egypt’s move is seen by many Ethiopians as a move to get a military foothold in Ethiopia’s neighbouring countries. 

Sisi’s visit to Djibouti – a country through which the bulk of Ethiopia’s import and export activity happens – came amid increasing tension with Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Daily News Egypt on Thursday reported that “Al-Sisi and Gulleh agreed that Ethiopian Nile Dam should be filled and operated according to a fair and binding legal agreement” – something Ethiopia has been rejecting. 

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  1. Egypt has tried to woo Somaliland before but it was utterly futile. Here is the problem el-Sisi will be facing to bring neighboring countries to his side. Somalis of every clan live in Ethiopia. Afars of every clan live in Ethiopia. Oromos and various Somali clans of Kenya live in Ethiopia. Major and minor South Sudanese ethnic groups call Ethiopia their home. The Benishangul people know how their kin and kit are treated by ‘black’ Arab wannabes in Sudan. But I take such trips by the ruler of Egypt both something to take notice of. One is to seek Djibouti’s assistance to convince its bread and butter neighbor to come into a treaty of Egypt’s liking. The other purpose can be to live a note there that Egypt will be fighting for its life and he has no other option left on the table for him. Djibouti is so small of a country that its economy can be easily subsidized by Egypt and its allies. Its GDP(PPP) is less than $4 billion in US dollars. This could the bell tolling for the military offensive Egypt has been threatening with. We will see what will be in the offing from Dire born and raised leader of Djibouti. Part of me sees this as the usual routine by Egypt just jumping around for no reason. Hey House of Pains, hit it! Jump Around! Jump Around! You get the rest!!!

  2. Here is another stunt el-Sisi may pull out on Brother Guelleh. He may bring the Eritrean factor in the mix that with Eritrea and Ethiopia ‘buddying’ up these day the ports of Massawa and Assab are planned to be rehabbed and ready for Ethiopia’s need which will make the ports in Djibouti lose substantial income from incoming and outgoing freight. He may then be pulling the Wahhabis’ old time deceit ‘neehna Muslimeens’. My current understanding is Eritrea and Djibouti to a certain degree still don’t see eye to eye due to some stupid border issues. Boy, this news kept my mind racing!

  3. Hey all of you Ethiopians and their buddies!!! I just got hired by el-Sisi. From today on I am the abogado of Egypt and Sudan for all legal matters regarding the Nile River. Here is my cross examination. What does the River Nile hold? Your answer was water. Very good and correct answer. For a change you know something. My next question is ‘What do you call the liquid state of water?’ You are so challenged to answer that correctly. Your answer was ‘Instagram’. I tell you the judge was roaring in laughter upon hearing that. Your friend thought if someone said ‘Instagram’ his mother is being insulted!! I will tell you what the liquid state of water is called. It is called H2O. What does that mean? It means water is owned by two elements only, Hydrogen and Oxygen. In the Nile case H is Egypt and O is Sudan. Egypt2Sudan! Where do you see a third element? End of story! I won the case! Ethiopia, you’re out!!! I won! I won for my benefactor el-Sisi!!!! This was a very easy case to handle for me. It was like open and shut case! Now, one word out of you! Just one word!!!

    • : ) lol, you’re a clown. You’re on the first stage of grief (anger, denial, then inevitable acceptance) perfectly understandable. Try and come to peace with your fate that awaits.
      yours truly,
      – the highlands of Ethiopia


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