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North Shoa rehabilitation will cost 1.5 billion birr, says Amhara region gov’t

North Shoa _ Ataye
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Amhara regional state assessed the level of damage in North Shoa regions of Ataye, Ephrata Gidim and Kara Kore areas of the region where the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group unleashed days of attack on the civilians and destroyed properties. 

The region’s government assessment indicates that it will cost over 1.5 billion Ethiopian birr for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of towns damaged during the attack. 

281 people were killed, 197 people wounded and  over 250,000 people were reportedly displaced from several towns in connection with what many say were an orchestrated security crisis. 

Report from the region’s government said those who were wounded were severe cases. 

But the report from Amhara regional state indicates that 9,661 civilians are displaced and 246,818 people are in need of aid as their properties and livelihoods were destroyed.  Agenehu Teshager, president of Amhara regional state, has called on those who are capable of donating to chip in order to help those who are reduced to homelessness after their properties were destroyed by Oromo Liberation Front – Shane,as the government calls them. 

Residential homes, public offices, schools and health centers have been looted and destroyed, said the report. 

Furthermore, the government has confirmed that seven places of worship burned, and water infrastructures had been destroyed. 

In the countryside adjacent to those towns,  several cattle have been stolen and crops have been burned. 

Amhara regional state announced that the extent of the damage in the Oromo community administration within Amhara regional state is still under investigation and that will be disclosed when completed. 

The attack in North Shoa also targeted Eleven hotels and forty-nine stores.  There were similar attacks in towns like Shashemene, Ziway, Batu,among others, a day after the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa in July 2020.  

Apart from taking innocent lives based on ethnicity, and over 95 percent of the time, rough estimate, it is against ethnic Amahra, radical ethnic Oromo nationalists seem to have impoverishing the communities they identify as “enemy” as one of the objectives of violent political and military actions. 

Property damage from the Shashemene attack was estimated to be over three billion birr. Schools were among targets. 

Back then, the government linked the attacks in those cities to Oromo Liberation Front – Shane and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), both are now designated as terrorists by the Ethiopian parliament. 

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