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Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority says its stand on press freedom unshakable

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Last week, Ethiopia expelled New York Times reporter,  Simon Marks, over what it called a biased report on the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

And this week, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority said that Ethiopia has an unshakable stand on the issue of press freedom and freedom of expression in the country. 

The statement said that  Ethiopia removed restrictions on journalists, both domestic and expatriate, that had been in place for years with the vision to ensure inclusiveness. 

Currently, there are 129 licensed reporters in the country and 35 external media agencies are represented. 

Furthermore, the authority said that as far as the conflict in Tigray  is concerned, 82 foreign journalists were given licenses and arrangements were made for them to cover stories in the region. 

The statement added that it was with the expectation that the journalists would cover the stories ethically and professionally. 

As in elsewhere where there is a conflict, the journalists were expected to observe restrictions in areas where there are military operations. When that is violated, said the statement, Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority has the duty to enforce law. 

The Ethiopian government was criticized for allegedly violating rights of freedom of expression and restricting press freedom. U.K. Ambassador to Ethiopia was among those who did so. 

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