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Joe Biden administration considering visa restriction for Ethiopian, Eritrean authorities


President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly considering a visa ban on targeted Ethiopian and Eritrean officials, according to a report by Foreign Policy Magazine which cited what it called “U.S. officials and congressional aides familiar with the matter tell Foreign Policy.” 

The decision is informed by what the source called “atrocities” committed in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

“The visa restrictions are seen as a shot across the bow, signaling mounting U.S. frustrations with Abiy for his handling of the conflict and failure to address mounting international concerns over the ensuing humanitarian crisis,” said the report by Foreign Policy Magazine. 

The U.S. stand in the connection with the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia is seen by many Ethiopians as an effort to resuscitate Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF),and intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

Some activists even think that the United States is exercising a worst colonial type relation over Ethiopia. 

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  1. I hope it will not escalate to such level. PM Abiy’s administration should stop dragging its feet in regards to the investigation it promised about the alleged atrocities committed by its forces in Tigray. There are strong indications that gross human rights violations were committed in Tigray, Amhara and Oromia regions. The officials there had told us that they were investigating for almost 3 years now. Almost every week we read reports of civilians being massacred in Oromia due to their ethnicity. So where is the investigative report by the regional or federal officials? Playing victim will not solve the problem. Innocent and defenseless citizens are being killed just because they are originally from a different region. Its own human rights commission had reported(preliminary) that women were raped in the conflict zones by men in military uniforms. This is the most gruesome crime committed on a human being who is still alive. So which way is up you officials over there? That Amhara mother is still crying her eyeballs out because her husband and children were hacked to death and she was made to watch the savagery. That Oromo mother is still wailing because she was forced to watch her entire family burned to death. That Tigrayan young woman is still agonizing pain from being brutally raped by demons in military uniforms. Somebody in the position of power better speak up and better yet show the rest of the world that you are doing something about it. Has anyone been taken to a military court? I will not buy into someone there saying ‘so and so was tried in the military court and sentenced to death’. No sir! That is called ‘CYA or CTA'(Cover your … or Cover thy …) Again somebody should say something about the latest status of the investigation. Playing victim by ‘foreign forces’ has run its course. Nuff already! Speak up!!!

  2. I would like someone from the Joe Biden’s administration preferably, Antony Blinken, Jeffrey Feltman,, or Susan Rice to define terrorism in their version of translation for me. in my understanding of terrorism is defined as follows “THE UNLAWFUL USE OR THREAT OF VIOLENCE ESPECIALLY AGAINST THE STATE OR THE PUBLIC AS A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED MEANS OF ATTACK OR COERCION, VIOLENT AND INTIMIDATING ACTIVITIES”.
    I know for fact the three individuals mensshined above wouldn’t be wise enough to standup for the truth, they have no morality and or the ethical values to stand on.
    If it comes down to the label of, where they are heading to, according to this report, ETHIOPIA must take the ultimate actions of due diligences, which is downgrading the label of personal in the US embassy in Addis Abeba, as well as restricting the movement of those personnel and place visa restrictions on the US officials as well.
    There is no other way for ETHIOPIA to respond, and the choice is not much but limited, to react accordingly, to that of a dispacable and egregious gangster type behavior by US, UK and European union. Needless to say and given the surcomstances in which ETHIOPIA is in, protracted by US, UK and European union mafia style shakedown, ETHIOPIA has no choice but, to react defiantly to the three white colonial supremacists.



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