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Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen says second filling of GERD will be held according to schedule

Demeke Mekonen _ Deputy PM
Deputy PM, FM Demeke Mekonen (Photo : MFAE)


Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, H.E. Demeke Mekonnen said the second-year filling of the GERD will be conducted as scheduled and agreed by the national scientific research group (NISRG) of the three countries.

The Deputy Prime Minister said this while he was delivering a keynote speech at a webinar meeting entitled, “The equitable use of the Nile: the role of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam for regional cooperation.”

Mr. Demeke further said Ethiopia has confidence in the role of the AU in facilitating the negotiations and bringing the process to a successful conclusion and reaffirmed Ethiopia’s conviction on the principle of finding African solutions to African problems.

Egypt and Sudan are attempting to exert unnecessary pressure on Ethiopia through different means including the internationalization and politicization of technical issues which will only undermine trust among the three countries, he added.

The webinar was organized by Ethiopian embassies accredited to neighboring countries and the great lakes region jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

Present at the meeting and delivering remarks, Honourable Deng Dau Deng, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of South Sudan said the GERD is a peace project that will benefit all in the region.

With this understanding, he said the South Sudan parliament will soon ratify the Nile basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA), which outlines rights and obligations for the development of the Nile Basin water resources.

He expressed his hope that the tripartite negotiation will be concluded with a mutually beneficial agreement adding that the riparian countries should have been part of the consultation since the river basin is a shared resource.

Members of the GERD negotiating team, Eng. Gedion Asfaw, Mr. Zerihun Abebe, and Dr. Yohannes Gebretsadik, including Dr. Emmanuel Kasimbazie, professor of law at Makerere University have tabled presentations on the renaissance dam from technical and legal perspectives.

Ethiopian Ambassadors in Egypt, H.E. Markos Tekle (Ph.D.), and in Uganda, Ambassador Alemtsehay Meseret co-chaired the webinar which was organized by Ethiopian embassies accredited to neighboring countries and the great lakes region jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

More than 142 participants have attended the webinar meeting.

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  1. Ethiopia is a free and sovereign country that can do whatever it wants with its resources within its territories. No other country should interfere in its affair.
    Terrorist TPLF Tigres groups who have been the only dominant power in the economy and army for 27 years. TPLF tigres have been thrown out of power for its brutality, abusing humans rights, torturing, raping women and men and stealing Amhara land. They are the most hated thugs by all Ethiopians. During that suffering no western counties cry or question for democracy, rule of law or human rights abuse. It is mind boggling now to hear such an outrageous demand from Ethiopian government that is keeping its citizens safe from those brutal TPLF murderers and looters..

  2. What patriot Deputy PM Mekonen is actually saying is there is no way to stop Mother Nature from filling the dam for the 2nd time this coming July and August because it will be raining in buckets. There is no human power that can stop the rain. Capisce superpower wannabe? There is nothing Obbo Mekonen or anyone else in the world can do about it!!! Even Mnuchin with all his eviction expertise and power there was nothing in his power to stop Mother Nature from doing here annual duty. He even threatened Mother Nature with paralyzing sanctions. But no good!!!! Comprende? Hello!!! Hello!!! Is somebody upstairs in Al-Qahirah? Hello!!! I gave up!!!!

  3. Pm. Abiy Ahmed, Deputy Pm., Fm Demeke Mekonen, Ministry of foreign affaire spokesperson Dina Muftey, the entire governmental entities, most importantly the gallant Ethiopian defense forces and the Amhara special forces are the heroes of motherland ETHIOPIA, may GOD bless you and your families.



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