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Catholic Church to spend over 500 million birr in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Catholic Church will spend the money on selected socio-economic projects with aim to help low income residents of Addis Ababa 

Ethiopia Catholic Church
Adanech Abebe (left) Mayor of Addis Ababa and Cardina Berhane Eyesus (right) Ethiopian Catholic Church head (Photo : ENA)


Ethiopian Catholic Church is to spend over 500 million birr in the capital Addis Ababa for projects that are said to have economic and social relevance for low income people in the city.

Among the projects are the building and construction of eight kindergarten , Elementary and secondary school, technical vocational school and projects for skills development tailored for job creation. 

The projects seem to focus on children, youth and working people with low income. It is unclear if they are working on projects for senior citizens.

Furthermore, the church is working on bakery that will have a capacity to bake 150,00 breads a day the aim of which is to support school and other feedings programs in the city. 

According to a report  by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), Addis Ababa City acting mayor, Adanech Abebe, and Ethiopian Catholic Church head Cardinal Birhane Eyesus have signed the agreement. 

Cardinal Birhane Eyesus is a member of Truth and Reconciliation Commission which was established in 2019 as part of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s reform measure to promote peace in the country. 

The Mayor  is cited as saying the socio-economic problems in the city are extensive, so much so that the City administration could not tackle them alone, and expressed appreciation for the Catholic Church for project plans that will have positive impact on low income residents of Addis Ababa. 

The Ethiopian Catholic Church is said to have, according to information from Wikipedia, about 72,000 followers in the country (the figure was for the year 2017.)  

The Catholic Church has several development projects in the country.
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  1. This Cardinal should be ousted and repalced by a new Bishop.

    He supported Abiy and knowing his war crimes .


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