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Ethiopia reportedly revoked press credentials of journalists working for NYT

New York Times _ Journalist _ Ethiopia


A report by Reuters, on Friday, said that Ethiopia has revoked licenses of foreign journalists working for the New York Times. 

The source cited Times as saying  “Simon Marks, an Irish national who reports for it and other publications, had his credentials revoked by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority in early March, after returning to Addis Ababa from the Tigray region, where he had interviewed civilian war survivors.” 

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority is said to have declined an appeal by the Time for reconsideration of the revocation of Mr. Simon Marks accreditation.   The decision will not be changed at least until October, it was said.  

It was made on grounds of “unbalanced report,” Mohammed Edris, Director General of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority , said and that the decision was passed during the terms of office of his predecessor. 

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  1. Worqu Belayneh Might is what thugs understand and practice; deal with them likewise. “Human Rights, Rule of Law, etc” do not work in the context of unruly people. Practice Mengistu Hailemariam’ style of ‘justice’ by eliminating the thugs on the sport and without mercy. BRing Worqu Belayneh to justice he is waging war on all non-amhara !

  2. The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority should not have been allowing the Yellow journalists, Reporters into Ethiopia from the first place, or into a territory where the TPLF terrorists were being pursued and destroyed, which is a territory under no one’s control, a lawless land. The New York Times yellow journalists who are operating in Ethiopia are not legitimate reporters, not directly employed by the New York Times, they are under contractual agreements of reporting, they get paid by the number of reportings they file, in which, they always file unsubstantiated, false, fake reports just to get paid, they are yellow journalists.
    Simon Marks who is an Irish citizen can go back to Irland and report about the endless war between Irland and the UK, the war is not being reported but, the war between the brutal colonialist UK and Irland still goes on unreported. I suggest Mr. Marks should go back to Irland and practice his yellow journalism, he does not belong in Ethiopia, get out of Ethiopia and mind your business.
    The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority should report Simon Markes’s illegal activities in the country to the Ethiopian Immigration Authorities and deport Simon Markes immediately to wherever he came from, period end of the story.


  3. Well done to the Ethio Broadcasting Authority. This action is well over due

    We now know why Western media want reporters on the ground in Ethiopia. Their minds are already made up, the script is already written, the objective being to undermine the country and its govt., amplify TPLF and OLF propaganda, fuel and exaggerate ethnic conflicts, and corroborate all the lies they have been broadcasting for months now.

    The line is cast, Ethiopia has to stand firm and show them that in matters concerning the country and its people it is its govt. that decides. Keep your crocodile tears, hypocrisy, paternalism, ‘we know better for you’ , bla, bla else where.

  4. Israel bombed the $hit out of AP, Aljazeera, and many other the so-called, international news organization high-rise home office in Gaza. I am not condoning nor supporting the actions of the Israelis, however, I am sick and tired of the double standard, the biased being portrayed by the international community?. Where is the home of human garbages Amnesty international, the supposed human rights, civil rights organization, who is crying foul every time something little happens in ETHIOPIA and AFRICA, as little as revoking the yellow journalists’ credentials, in which they have no credentials, except an ID tag that says a reporter? a yellow journalist likes Simon Marks who is staying in a luxury resort hotel in Mombasa Kenya smoking his marijuana and hallucinating, his hotel and miscellaneous bills being paid by the terrorist TPLF, from the millions of dollars looted from the people of ETHIOPIA, writes a piece of fake news about the war in the Tigray region of ETHIOPIA while sitting in Kenya and not near to ETHIOPIA.


    • Mister Zenegnaw
      you are shit as usual . I do personally condemn atrocities against civilians irrespectve of their ethnicity, religion, nationality etc etc etc

      I am wondering if you spent sometime in the school. YOu are demonstrating the most outrageous behavior over and over again. You could speak and right English like those guys who spent 3 decades in US , UK and Canada being reliant upon social security services.
      you are carving out something befitting your political agenda out of every humanitarian crisis. You know how to relate the conflict between jews and palestinians ! You are highly talented man. Keep going and never give up . However, as far as the reality on the ground is concerned, Amhara elites and prosperity goons will be handcuffed and thrown into jails. Be well prepared for that mister goon; zinegnaw wonbede, koftanaw amara and henok shibru ke zehabesha mender tezegaju!!

  5. Israel has just sent a message to such highly opinionated and activists-turned-journalists yesterday. NYT, AP, AFP and their look alike should choose between activism and journalism. Otherwise they will have no place to work. What they have been doing to the old country lately is just a travesty of justice bordering on racism. To be honest with you I am not sure when I made a plan and watched CNN. It has been quite a while. The same with FOX. I’m not alone. These major traditional media outlets have been losing audience over the last few years not only because the advent of Facebook and other social media platforms but also due to their one-sided reporting. They better wake up and shape up!!!

  6. I exactly know who you are now! Altho, I never thought you were an ethnocentric loser, but, I am glad I said what I said, no regrate, because, I discovered, got you to open up and revealed the real you, so I and others don’t have to award you the credit you don’t deserve in this Borkena forum, (this was a moment of aha! for me, I am sure for others with a labeled head) especially the bigots you carry in your soul towards other ethnics in motherland ETHIOPIA. My comment about the Israeli bombardment of an office building in Gaza, where various news organizations were housed (in which I have the right to be neutral) did not trigger the hate speech by you, towards me, it was another comment on a different subject that got on your nerves, to which I have a right to freedom of speech and expression, just like anyone else, even though I will not personalize anything like you did, except that of politicians or in the high office of politics, but it’s okay.
    Just a reminder, please don’t talk about my Resume, because you have no clue, who I am or about my background.
    Here is what I will say to you, THE POINT IS NOT TO PAYBACK KINDNESS BUT TO PASS IT ON. with that, have a good day!


  7. Did anyone of you dear countrymen/women have the chance to watch 60 Minutes on CBS yesterday? A section of that broadcast included an investigative report on the latest toy used by law enforcement agencies. It included a story of two African-American men wrongfully arrested for crimes they did not commit just because the face recognition computer system used had picked them as the main lead. There were interviews of experts in the field and also the Detroit police chief but there was not even mention by name our beyond-limit geniuses Timnit bint Gebru, and Rediet bint Abebe. Didn’t Timnit expose the serious problem of AI as related to facial recognition when it comes to black and Asian faces and lost her job at Google as a result( Andersen Cooper did not mention Timnit even as a ‘passing’ remark in the report. Is that because Google is majority-owned by those in close kinship with those who run CBS? This is how the mainstream media in the West have sold out their souls to the power that be holding the money bag. I still make plan to watch 60 Minutes but this shutout of our daughter/sister has offended me. They interviewed the expert Clare Garvie but not Timnit. Why? Is that because Timnit is black and foreign born? I was just disgusted.


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