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Chinese People’s Liberation Army support for Ethiopian Defense Force

Chinese ambassador to Ethiopia sees prospect for even stronger partnership between Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Ethiopian Defense Force  


Chinese People’s Liberation Army donated COVID-19 vaccination to the Ethiopian Defense Force, as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhiyuan, on Friday handed over delivery to Kenea Yadeta, Minister for Defense. 

Mr. Zhao sees the donation as a demonstration of strong relations between the two countries.  

He said the Chinese army overcame serious challenges since the outbreak of the pandemic, and that the donation is made with the intention to protect members of Ethiopian Defense Forces from the pandemic. 

Ethiopian and Chinese army cooperation area is broad, and that multifaceted strategic partnership will be strengthened in the future, Mr. Zhao is cited as saying.  

China offers, although an unspecified number, post graduate degree scholarship opportunities for members of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Furthermore, the Chinese ambassador said that his country will support the construction of a high tech hospital in Ethiopia , and that it is also closely working in cooperation with Ethiopia in other realms. 

The source did not specify about the amount of vaccination donation that the Ethiopian Defense Force received. 

Ethiopian Defense Minister, Kenea Yadeta, expressed gratitude for the Chinese support in the form of COVID-19 vaccination, and also for Chinese support to Ethiopia at the UN Security Council, as indicated in the ENA report.  

The US and its allies have been trying to put pressure on Ethiopia via the United Nations Security Council in connection with Ethiopia’s law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

There had been claims of genocide in the Tigray region of Ethiopia linked to Ethiopian and Eritrean troops.

Ethiopia and China have over 50 years of diplomatic relation.

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  1. Subject: “Chinese People’s Liberation Army support for Ethiopian Defense Force,{ borkena, May 14, 2021,

    Good Move! That is politics. After all, “Ethiopia and China have over 50 years of diplomatic relation”.
    In any case, the ART of Politics is flexible and I say: GOOD JOB to Ethiopia and in line with its centuries of independence and refined diplomatic experience — with unfortunate exception here and there.that can be tolerated as a learning experience. Nations who do not learn from experience never LIVE — just EXIST. Even the ANGElS slide here and there!!! ha ha ha !!!

  2. Such kissing up to the regime of the old country by these demons in Beijing and Moscow rattle my nerves. As I have been saying all along the more the regime feels besieged and alienated by the West including the highly opinionated and activists infested media the further it will throw itself into the arms of those despots. That is guaranteed to be a disaster to the peace mongering/yearning citizens there. I hope it will not be 1976-78 deja vu. Those are furiously proud people who never had white bosses so patronizing leaders there will not work and it will work to make diplomatic efforts more and more difficult. It will be in my daily prayers that the West especially Good Ole USA will continue engaging the regime on many fronts. The leaders there feel being picked on and they should feel that way because bigots are throwing punches at them from all directions. The opposition is so in disarray that it does not provide itself as a strong and viable alternative. Just take a look at them. Start counting and you will be running out of breath. So the situation there is not a laughing matter. It is not funny!!!!!

  3. Do you mean “Good Ole USA?” That traded a genocidal slave trading from Africa, held them as properties and sold them in open markets forcefully, lynched Blacks, tied their right arms, blindfolded them and make them fight with whites which were not blindfolded, nor their arms tied, do you want me to go on and on, I could! your “Good Ole USA” that backstabbed ETHIOPIA for years, supported the genocidal occupation of ETHIOPIA by Benito Mussolini, ” Good Ole USA” that told Egypt to bomb the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, its an embarrassment for you to say “Good Ole USA”, you probably did not know what it means?, you should leave thaese types of talks to the uneducated Southerners, who voted for Donald Trump.



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