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Ambassador Hirut Zemene presents her Letters of Credence to the European Commission

Hirut Zemene _ European Union
Ambassador Hirut Zemene Presenting letter of credence to Ursula Von Der Leyen, president of EU commission ( Photo credit : MFAE)


H.E. Hirut Zemene, Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Belgium, Luxembourg and EU Institutions presented her letters of credence on Tuesday (May 11) to H.E. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

President von der Leyen warmly welcomed Ambassador Hirut recalling her last visit to Ethiopia in 2020.

At the occasion, the two sides exchanged views about the current situation in Ethiopia.

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  1. Subject: “Ambassador Hirut Zemene presents her Letters of Credence to the European Commission”, May 12, 2021, borkena

    Humble Commentary, 13 May 2021
    In all honesty, it is really an opportunity to have a very good paying jobs and tranquility abroad.
    The World is still the same>> the unfortunate >> the destitute>>the innocent >>the humble wretched people around the Globe will keep on suffering and accept it as NATURAL dictated by Good Lord Up in Heaven. We like that arrangement and turn our heads — when, and if, we come across unsightly situation.
    Honestly, what will the above honourable Ladies contribute anything to the destitute of the World? NOTHING, in ALL HONESTY. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT blaming the Good Ladies. It is just a free thinking about our abilities to cover the ugly, the dirty, the crime perpetrated etc etc and continue to LIVE in COMFORT and hypnotizing our brains as if nothing happens surrounding us. AMEN to the Almighty God up in Heaven who also seems to platy the same game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Post Script
    Dear Editor,
    If you erased my diatribes in a second, I will NOT blame you, at all.
    I understand that I am outside the field of understanding game of scratching thy respective backs for thy tranquility. That is the rule of the game.


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