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Extrajudicial killing in Dembi Dollo, Oromo region, EHRC calls for investigation

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission condemned  the extrajudicial killings in the Oromo regional state of Ethiopia 


The Oromo regional State of Ethiopia has been a hell for some Ethiopians for over three years now. Unlike the series of massacres in the recent past by armed rebel groups, which very often, if not all the time, claims the lives of ethnic Amhara or the followers of the orthodox tewahedo religion, the latest gross human rights violations is perpetrated by state actors. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on Wednesday confirmed that security forces in the region committed extrajudicial killing in an alleged exercise of law enforcement operation. 

Earlier, the story has been circulating on social media with an image of a young man in his twenties wearing Church choir vestment and another picture with bearing signs of torture, his hands tied behind his back and a handgun hanging on his chest. The later picture was said to be just before he was executed.  It has caused outrage among Ethiopians on social media 

extrajudicial Killing _ Oromo region

The incident happened in Dembi Dollo, Wollega region of Ethiopia. The Spence of extrajudicial killing in a street and in the background  a small park where a huge election poster of prime minister Abiy Ahmed was hanging. 

In a brief statement, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said “The Commission condemns all forms of extrajudicial killings in the strongest terms and reiterates its message on the use of only lawful means for all law enforcement operations.” 

EHCR added that the measure negatively impacts public confidence in the rule of law, and “reverse any gains made in that regard.” 

The commission urged authorities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia to immediately investigate the incident and take appropriate measures. 

Furthermore, it said that it is monitoring the situation closely and will disclose its findings to the public. 

A week or so ago, the commission released a statement findings from an investigation into rights abuse of people in police custody in the region, especially those arrested following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa

It said that it investigated 21 selected police stations which involved a discussion with relevant prison authorities, police and inmates. 

Apart from deplorable prison conditions, EHRC said “Credible testimonies were received that many of the prisoners were detained without a formal investigation opened against them and that they had not been brought before court within the time prescribed by the law.”

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  1. Now come ‘on!!! Are you kidding me? This is nothing short of the practice of the Red Terror of the 1970’s. I’m getting information from back home that a civil war is breaking out in western parts of Oromia. It is not between the ‘N’ people and Oromos but rather between my Oromos themselves. The OLA faction has been murdering government officials who are all Oromos. Now the officials there are retaliating and doing so in ways that is not expected by a governing body with all military might. This young man even he killed government officials he is not supposed to be taken out, shot and discarded in the streets. Folks, be prepared to hear more terrible news like this. Oromos were killing Oromos since 1991. Amharas were killing Amharas since 1991. All this used to be done under the auspices of the goons of the now defunct TPLF under the mortal excuse of ‘developmental democracy’. Now this civil war among Oromos is taking place under the auspices of official who are Oromos themselves. He was reported to be a teenager, for crying out loud!!! What’s the matter with those officials? What’s the matter with you!!!!

  2. The crime conducted against humanity in Ethiopia requires a serious investigation by the civic organization, human rights watch, African union, European Union, United nations, office of the ombudsman, judicial office, general assembly, and other world community. It is unbelievable that the minor races in the Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz regional national state of Ethiopia were highly slaughtered, massacred, displaced, and dismantled than ever. It is the way of gradually made ethnic cleansing by operating hidden genocide through time. However, there was no one responded for the crime conducted in such a way in the country.

  3. Might is what thugs understand and practice; deal with them likewise. “Human Rights, Rule of Law, etc” do not work in the context of unruly people. Practice Mengistu Hailemariam’ style of ‘justice’ by eliminating the thugs on the sport and without mercy.

    • @Worqu Belayneh, your comment here is very, very sick – it is monstrous and inhuman to the extreme.

      It is hard to believe that torturing and publicly executing a citizen takes place in a country that is supposedly run by a functioning government – it make one sick to the stomach.


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