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Addis Ababa city administration reconsiders position on Iftar on Meskel Square

Meskel Square Iftar


A day after reported cancellation of Meskel Square Iftar, Addis Ababa, the city administration appears to reconsider its decision.

A report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) indicates that the city administration cancelled the schedule on alleged grounds of unfinished works of Meskel Square renovation project. 

The city also regretted what it called an unpleasant communication over the issue between the city and the organizers. However, it thinks that the issue was blown out of proportion on social media. 

According to some sources, the public Iftar will take place on Tuesday, May 11. Security arrangement is said to be in place for the event. 

Over the past few days, the issue has been controversial among Ethiopians on social media. For some followers of Ethiopian church, Meskel Square is the Ethiopian Church land holding acquired in inheritance from an individual who used to own the place.  And they claim no other religious event should be organized there. 

On the other hand, there are those followers who reason out , visibly greater, that even secular musical concerts had been organized and so the Iftar program should not be an issue. However, they oppose the claim by some Muslims who are said to have claims that Meskel square should be renamed as “Eid Square.” 

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  1. In fact, this is not the time to show off whatever religion or culture on streets. The country is at war. Hager yegara niw, emnet yegil niw. So, faith is supposed to be private, especially at this monent. Ethiopias Adversaries are using amount of people congregation for statistics. This is the time for faith other things with calm observance. I berr lieve thi demand to be shown has ill motive. The country in fact should ban this let people celebrate their ow faith and culture among their community ubtil the country is at peace. If this publuc ceremony is for display, it will be used for statistics to help mobilize adversaries. There was never such extreme celebration in public ubecessarily. Whenvthis happens, it will create negative competition, creates mote duvisiveness.


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