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Ethiopian Church remarks over Patriarch’s video message about “Tigray Genocide”

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Synod will meet to discuss his Holiness Abune Mathias’ video message which was released over the weekend

Archbishop Abune Yosef, Secretary of the Holy Synod during a press conference on Monday May 10, 2020 ( Photo : EBC)


Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church on Monday remarked over Patriarch Abune Mathias video message which was said to be tapped clandestinely by an American “philanthropist” working in the country. 

Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox church and archbishop of the  Sidama and Gedeo diocese, Abune Yosef, said the message by Abune Mathias was his own personal views and does not represent the stand of the Holy Synod. 

He added that the way the patriarch conveyed the message is not in line with the practices and procedures of the Holy Synod and the Patriarchate. 

Statements are conveyed when they get endorsed by the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, according to the Archbishop Abune Yosef. 

Furthermore, he disclosed that the issue will be discussed in the Holy Synod meeting next. 

His Holiness’ message was published by mainstream media outlets in the west including CNN. A considerable number of Ethiopians on social media sympathized with the Patriarch although his characterization of the situation in Tigray is seen as wrongful. The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the United Nations Human Rights Commission have agreed to launch a joint investigation into the allegation of pervasive human rights violations in Tigray. 

Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Geeta Pasi, met with Abune Mathias at her residence. A statement from the U.S. embassy, shared on Facebook, said the Ambassador and his Holiness Abune Mathias discussed “the current situation in Ethiopia and specifically the humanitarian crisis in Tigray, including his recent public message.” 

In a video message released on Friday, His holiness Abune Mathias said he had been trying to convey a message several times regarding the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and the massacres of Christians across the country, but it was not allowed. At least two interviews were cancelled from being aired in the state media due to censorship. 

He also claimed that there is a “Genocide in Tigray” by forces whom he described as “sleepless unless they eliminated ethnic Tigreans.” 

His message relating to inability to convey a message due to censorship angered the followers of many Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers and fingers are being pointed at Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Prosperity Party cadres – that are said to be advancing radical ethnic Oromo nationalist agenda from within the Church. 

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  1. The fake Mateos, l knew he works for foreign agent trying to destroy Orthodox. After calm down, the Memenan should protest for his step down asap. He doesnt serve god but his own intetest and corrupted the church.


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