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Abere Adamu reported dead days after he was removed from his position as Amhara Region Police Commissioner.

State Broadcaster, EBC, says Abere Adamu died of heart conditions

The late Commissioner Abere Adamu (Photo : AMC)


Abere Adamu, former Amhara region police commissioner, is reportedly dead. According to a brief report by the state media in the region, Amhara Media Corporation (AMC), he died on Monday after he was admitted to hospital in Bahir Dar.

He is said to have complained about sudden illness and died on the same day after being admitted to hospital. The nature of the “sudden” illness is unexplained. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), however, cited hospital sources to report that he died of heart conditions.  

Activists on social media are warning about any speculative remarks about his death. 

Abere Adamu was leading the Amhara police commission for two years until he was replaced by Tekola Ayfokru, who was the deputy commissioner of the Federal Police. 

His removal from the position reportedly came after performance evaluation in the wake of massive demonstrations across the region against the massacre of Amahra in different parts of Ethiopia. 

Abere’s family live in Sweden. He was himself a resident of Sweden before he was appointed as the police commissioner in Amhara region of Ethiopia following the assassination of top leaders in the region including the region’s president, Ambachew Mekonen. 

No information is released regarding funeral arrangement. 

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  1. Rest In Peace
    It is sad to loose such an expert such a protection and serving expert in these times when any experts are hard to come by in Ethiopia.


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