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Abere Adamu reported dead days after he was removed from his position as Amhara Region Police Commissioner.

State Broadcaster, EBC, says Abere Adamu died of heart conditions

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The late Commissioner Abere Adamu (Photo : AMC)


Abere Adamu, former Amhara region police commissioner, is reportedly dead. According to a brief report by the state media in the region, Amhara Media Corporation (AMC), he died on Monday after he was admitted to hospital in Bahir Dar.

He is said to have complained about sudden illness and died on the same day after being admitted to hospital. The nature of the “sudden” illness is unexplained. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), however, cited hospital sources to report that he died of heart conditions.  

Activists on social media are warning about any speculative remarks about his death. 

Abere Adamu was leading the Amhara police commission for two years until he was replaced by Tekola Ayfokru, who was the deputy commissioner of the Federal Police. 

His removal from the position reportedly came after performance evaluation in the wake of massive demonstrations across the region against the massacre of Amahra in different parts of Ethiopia. 

Abere’s family live in Sweden. He was himself a resident of Sweden before he was appointed as the police commissioner in Amhara region of Ethiopia following the assassination of top leaders in the region including the region’s president, Ambachew Mekonen. 

No information is released regarding funeral arrangement. 

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  1. Rest In Peace
    It is sad to loose such an expert such a protection and serving expert in these times when any experts are hard to come by in Ethiopia.

  2. My family’s heartfelt condolences go out to the loved ones of deceased. May he rest in eternal peace! From time to time I hear and read news where some of those who returned to the old country on vacation or for relocation suddenly dying from natural causes. Many of those among us may have developed health issues related to heart after living here for years. It is my understanding that high blood pressure and diabetes is becoming like an epidemics here among our Diaspora. Friends I have known for years have been telling me that they have just been diagnosed with one or both of these afflictions. Dear countrymen/women!!! You know me by now that I have nothing but love for you. As you grow blessed with age please make sure you pay attention to your health. Have yourself checked by a physician at least once a year and if you are tested positive for such lifestyle caused diseases, please make sure you take your medication as advised and adjust your lifestyle regarding your diet and exercise. When you travel back to that gem of the colored make sure you stick to your modified diet and take your medication with you. You know those generous and glorious people; they will not get enough of feeding you. Except selected few urbanities, when you utter the dreaded word ‘cholesterol and glucose’ the reaction you may get could be like ‘what is that’. Ohhhhh…that mouth watering melted butter is gonna flow like streams jumping their restraining banks. There will be piles of flat bread piled like mountain high in front of you. Their only pressure they will savor is feeding until your beltline is busted instantly. They will be offended if you don’t bring that pile in front of down to the last layer. That is how Allah Blessed them to be. They are so generous. O my people, my beloved people!!! So it will be very hard for you to escape such entrapment of generosity.
    Please make sure you take your medications and do a lot of walking.

  3. The Orromummaa regime which is basically a continuation of the fascist ethno apartheid system which TPLF created, has been , by any measure more brutal than its predecessor and creater TPLF. We have witnessed in the last 3 years ruthless brutality and crimes against humanity, the type of which was never seen or heard of anywhere in the world. Systematic and indiscriminate mass killings of people which has become the norm indicate that these atrocities are coordinated by local as well as federal officials of the regime who follow a policy of extermination of particularly amharas from the oromo region. Several eye witness reports from survivors of these killings, confirm the facts . These survivors spend days in the forest hiding from their killers to reach safety after making dangerous journeys which take several days . These massacres are aimed at wiping out the amhara from the land, seen as the main strategic opponent of orrommummaa.
    It would not be an exaggeration to say that Abiy Ahmad is more barbaric and ruthless than his TPLF masters. He grew up under TPLF trained in the arts of conspiracy and on the use of fascistic methods to reach his objective no matter how inhumane or brutal those methods might be. TPLF have created a monstrous character in Abiy Ahmad, which they would never have imagined.
    Abiy Ahmad is on a journey to finish off the mission of eradicating the amhara , which his masters started some 30 years ago. Meles Zenawi would have been proud of his son if he saw him today. Abiy Ahmad is a ruthless killer and there is no guarantee for anyone , especially those in position of authority that they are safe. TPLF were known for murders and disappearances of people who were found dead mysteriously without any reason. There were no investigations of these murders and disappearances and relatives and friends who asked for investigations received death threats and bullying by phone to stop them asking for justice. Abiy Ahmad, has become a killer whose skill and ruthlessness has excelled that of TPLF.
    The murder campaign of Abiy Ahmad, which started with Engineer Simeyehu which took place within days of Abiy coming to power has now claimed Abere Adamu. In the last few months before his death , Abere Adamu was making critical comments about the situation in Benshingul , stating that he would enquire about sending Amhara Special forces to Benshingul to help stop the genocide taking place in that region. This proposition had angered Abiy Ahmad who has been seeking to put Benshingul under oromo control after eliminating the amhara from the region. It does not add up to say that Abere Adamu died of natural causes.


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