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Call to Action: Safeguard Our Country!

From Ethiopian Diaspora Professionals and Intellectuals

We, the undersigned Ethiopian diaspora professionals and intellectuals in North  America, Europe, Australia, and Africa are calling upon all Ethiopians to stand  guard in solidarity against current impending threats to our country´s peace, geo political interest and security. 

In its long history, our motherland, Ethiopia, has gone through many  anguishes and amazing recoveries. Some rulers have abused her while others have  sacrificed themselves for her. They have all taken turns and passed away but our  country has endured. Her children have occasionally fought with each other, but  they have also fought side by side to defend their country from external threats.  Notwithstanding internal conflicts between and among them, they have never  collectively betrayed their country, nor have they conspired with enemies. Foreign  enemies have time and again attempted to conquer her, but she has always prevailed  defending her freedom. Through her unflagging resolve, our country has served as  a beacon of hope, liberty and freedom for others. Ethiopia continues to stand free  and will remain so for generations to come. This colorful history and spirit of  freedom are at the foundation of the Ethiopian psyche!  

At this point in the country’s history, a struggle is in play between those who  intend to dismantle the country and those who resist vehemently. At this critical  historical juncture, where the country is embroiled in internal conflict as well as  escalating external threats, it is of utmost importance to deliberate deeply and  thoroughly on collective action in its defense.  

It is our firm view that tackling Ethiopia’s current existential threats should  take precedence over issues of internal discord. We believe our internal issues can  take a back seat until after we have done away with the looming threats that are  challenging Ethiopia’s very existence. Repeating past mistakes of deconstructing  what little we have achieved only to rebuild from a scratch will be a historical  mistake. The vision for the country’s social and economic advancement can be  realized only when a united Ethiopia is secured. A dismantled Ethiopia will only  contribute to the further displacement of her children, persecution, war, unrest,  disruption and major regional crisis. We have witnessed the humiliation, suffering  and death of those who took their countries for granted. We anticipate our fate will  not be different unless we fiercely defend the security and integrity of our country.  

The main culprit of Ethiopia’s instability and potential disintegration is the  polarized ethnic-based politics of the past thirty years. As we all know, the  incumbent government inherited a country which was financially bankrupt, debt ridden, ethnically divided, and extensively abused by a handful of criminals and  their cronies. In the last three years, some promising strides have been taken to steer  the country towards a meaningful political and economic space. However, the  challenges have also intensified precipitously. 

External enemies are readily and actively supporting ethno-nationalist  extremists who are massacring and evicting fellow Ethiopians on the basis of their  language and ethnic background. These enemies are covertly and overtly setting us 

up against each other, eagerly awaiting the breakdown of our country into a failed  state.  

The government has failed to reverse the ethnic-based political system it  inherited, despite the general awareness that it is the underlying reason for  Ethiopia’s internal divisions and its vulnerability to foreign threats. We are aware  that eradicating the evil system is a process that takes time but the government  cannot be spared for its lackluster responses and will have to account for its feeble  actions while innocent citizens are being subjected to gruesome killings,  displacements, and evictions. We look forward to witnessing a day when all  perpetrators will face justice. 

But today, we all have a bigger duty, an urgent call to foil the plot of internal  and external enemies to dismantle our beloved country. We must stand against this  unholy alliance, defend our country and secure a long-lasting national peace and  unity. 

The challenges we face may appear vast and insurmountable. Nevertheless,  dialogue, empathy, and prioritizing our focus and actions will ultimately bring us  victory. Following in our ancestors’ footsteps, we must defend our country  collectively and pass it on to future generations. Governments have come and gone,  enemies have come and gone, and conflicts have risen and faded. Ethiopia is still  here and shall continue to prevail. 

At this very moment, those Ethiopians who are intentionally or unwittingly  fanning the internal conflicts—while paying little to no attention to the mounting  external threats—not only expose our vulnerabilities to foreign interference, but  might even invite civil war. The impact of a serious external attack or violation of  Ethiopia’s sovereignty will not stop with human deaths but could lead to an  irreversible disintegration of our country and with that, the withering of our  cherished freedom and pride. 

Despite its shortcomings, right now, the only organized power that can  negotiate on behalf of our country, resist foreign pressure and mobilize resources  against potential foreign attack is the government. Criticism is essential, but the  goal should not exceed beyond pressuring the government to find solutions to  problems; caution must be exercised not to undermine or weaken it, since we are  facing serious internal and external threats against the very existence of our country.  One cannot partake in the disintegration of Ethiopia and at the same time hope to  be part of the solution. 

A Call in Defense of Our Country 

As stated earlier, our country is facing a multitude of internal, external, and geo political threats of existential proportion. Ethiopia’s enemies are openly and actively  conspiring to see her disintegration. But we firmly believe that we have the potential  to overcome—and thrive. We, therefore, call on all patriotic Ethiopians to support  the following actions:

1. Facilitate a peaceful and credible national election without delay and use  the results to strengthen Ethiopia’s unity and promising future. 

2. The government must show a firmer resolve to crush the ethnic-based  massacres of innocent lives and step up its actions to bring criminals to  justice. It must also reach out to those who have been impacted by these  atrocities, demonstrate empathy and extend visible, timely, passionate  and material support. 

3. All Ethiopians must step up their efforts to organize and stand against  those powers that are busy sabotaging the successful completion of the  Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. 

4. All Ethiopians must make their voices heard against external powers that  are bent on sabotaging the election process or cause its prolongation  under the guise of mediating between “conflicting parties”. We must  vehemently object, as we do, the negative narratives they spew  domestically and overseas, and the disruptive actions they conduct  covertly. 

5. Assess and expose the hostile geo-political plot to render Ethiopia  ungovernable and consequently dismantle the nation, as well as condemn  enemy agents planted inside and outside our country. 

6. Ethiopian sovereignty, political freedom and territorial integrity are  sacrosanct—and non-negotiable! This was strongly underscored by the  United Nations Security Council during its recent deliberations. We call  on other international players to also take these inviolable and eternal  verities seriously. 

7. Many innocent Ethiopians have been brutally massacred over the past  years and in particular, in the past few months. This clearly demonstrates  the gravity of the danger our country and our people are facing at this  very moment. We must therefore choose our responses wisely and  mobilize our efforts without delay. Tomorrow, without doubt, is going to  be too late! 

Long Live Ethiopia! 

1. Dr. Abdella Usman, USA 
2. Dr. Abebech Demissie, Ottawa, Canada 
3. Dr. Abera Molla, Denver, USA 
4. Dr. Abiy Tadesse, USA 
5. Dr. Abraham Betre, M.D., California, USA 
6. Dr. Adam Waksor, M.D., Atlanta, USA 
7. Dr. Addisu Yilma, M.D., USA 
8. Dr. Amanuel Alemu Abajobir, Kenya
9. Dr. Amir Ibrahim, Toronto, Canada 
10. Dr. Assegid Kebede, USA 
11. Dr. Awgechew Teshome, Ottawa, Canada
12.M/s. Awlae Woldehanna, RN, Saskachewan, Canada
13.Professor Eng. Bantyehun Tezazu, Toronto, Canada
14.Mr. Belen Gizachew, Portugal 1
5. Dr. Belete Alemu, M.D., California, USA
16.Eng. Behailu Assefa, San Francisco, USA
17. Dr. Benyam Gessesse, M.D., Philadelphia, USA
18. Mr. Berhanu Ayele Wurseno, CFGM, USA
19. Professor Berhanu Alemaw, Botswana 
20.Professor Emeritus Berhanu Mengistu, USA
21. Dr. Bizu Gelaye, Boston, USA 
22.Professor Damtew Teferra, South Africa
23.Eng. Dawit Tesfaye, Zurich, Switzerland
24.Professor Demel T. Fanta, Botswana 
25. Dr. Demissie Tadesse, New Zealand 
26. Dr. Dereje Woreta, M.D., Maryland, USA
27. Dr. Desalegne Bayih, M.D., Sweden 
28.Professor Desta Mebratu, South Africa 
29.Professor Enawgaw Mehari, M.D., Nashville, USA 
30. Dr. Efrem Alemayehu, M.D., Toronto, Canada
31. Dr. Elias Kassa Mamo, M.D., Maryland, USA
32.Mr. Ephrem Getahun Hailu, South Africa
33.Professor Eyualem Abebe, USA 
34.Eng. Elleni Mengesha, Sweden 
35. Dr. Endale Ketefo, Sweden 
36. Dr. Erku Yimer, Chicago, USA 
37. Dr. Fantahun Degneh, Germany 
38. Dr. Fasil Melaku Wubu, M. D., Maryland, USA
39. Dr. Fassil Tefera, M.D., New York, USA
40. Dr. Fikre Germa, Toronto, Canada 
41. Dr. Fikru Maru, M.D., Stockholm, Sweden
42. Dr. Fitsum Tariku, British Columbia, Canada
43. Dr. Gabe Hamda, Washington, USA 
44. Dr. Gebeyehu Teferi, M.D., Washington D.C., USA
45. Dr. Gebrehiwot Lebsekal, Vancouver, Canada
46.Professor Genene Mola, South Africa 
47. Dr. Getachew Felleke, M.D., New York, USA
48. Dr. Getnet Asrat, Ottawa, Canada 
49. Dr. Girma Aman, Kitchner, Canada 
50. Dr. Girma Lulu, Calgary, Canada 
51. Dr. Girma Molla, Australia 
52. Dr. Girma Tezazu, M.D., Toronto, Canada
53. Dr. Guadie Sharew, Lesotho 
54.Professor Gulelat Desse, Botswana 
55. Dr. Haile Fenta, Canada 
56. Dr. Kalkidan Belaye, M.D., Toronto, Canada
57.Professor Kassa Darge, Pennsylvania, USA
58.Assoc. Professor Kebede Begna, M.D., USA
59.Mr. Kidanemariam Jembere, South Africa
60. Dr. Liyew Desta, Sweden 
61.Professor Makeda Semret, Montreal, Canada
62.M/s. Martha Gebreselassie, USA 
63.Professor Mekibib Altaye, M.D., Ohio, USA
64. Dr. Mekdim Ayana, Eswatini 
65. Dr. Mekonen Bayissie, Maryland, USA
66. Dr. Melaku Berhane, M.D, California, USA
67. Dr. Melaku Game, M.D., Canada 
68.Professor Emeritus Melaku Lakew, Sweden
69. Dr. Mengistu Yemane, M.D., Tennesse, USA
70. Dr. Mesfin Seifu, M.D., Ohio, USA 
71.Professor Messay Kebede, Ohio, USA 
72. Dr. Mengiziem Emiru, M.D., USA 
73.M/s. Meron Ahadu, USA 
74. Dr. Million Belay, Stockholm, Sweden 
75. Dr. Moges Sisay, M.D., Indiana, USA 
76.Professor Mulatu Fekadu, South Africa
77. Dr. Mulu Geletu, Toronto, Canada 
78.Professor Mulugeta F. Dinbabo, South Africa 79. Dr. Mulugeta Yilma, Sweden 
80.Professor Nega Debela, Ohio, USA 
81.Mr. Negash Abdurahman, USA 
82.Engineer Negesse Gutema, USA 
83. Dr. Rahel Alemu, USA 
84.Engineer Samson Engeda, California, USA
85.Mr. Samson Getu, Sweden 
86. Dr. Samuel Tenaw, Durban, South Africa
87.Professor Seid Hassen, Kentucky, USA
88. Dr. Shiferaw Adilu, Alberta, Canada
89. Dr. Solomon Afework, London, UK 
90.Professor Solomon Aklilu, Ottawa, Canada
91. Dr. Solomon Basore, Calgary, Canada
92.Mr. Solomon Lema, USA 
93.Professor Sissay Asefa, Michigan, USA
94.Professor Solomon Harrar, Kentucky, USA
95. Dr. Solomon Kibret, USA 
96.Professor Solomon Negash, Georgia, USA
97.Mr. Solomon Teffera, USA 
98. Dr. Tadesse Desta, M.D., California, USA
99. Dr. Tariku Teshale, M.D., Sweden 
100.Mr. Terefe Zeleke, USA 
101.Dr. Tesfalem Tegegn, South Africa 
102.Professor Tesfaye Kidane, South Africa
103.Dr. Tikikil Mekuria, M.D., USA 
104.Dr. Tsegaye Tegenu, Uppsala, Sweden
105.Dr. Theodros Mengesha, M. D., Alabama, USA 
106.Dr. Tihut Asfaw, M.D., Ottawa, Canada
107.Professor Tilahun Adera, Virginia, USA
108.Dr. Wondimu Mekonnen, UK 
109.Dr. Wondwossen Gebre, M.D., New York, USA
110.Professor Wondwossen Gebreyes, Ohio, USA
111.Dr. Worku Abera, Montreal, Canada 
112.Dr. Yared Hailemariam, M.D., Kentucky, USA 
113.Dr. Yemisrach Hailemeskel, Toronto, Canada 
114.Dr. Yeshimebet Retta, M.D., Virginia, USA 
115.Engineer Yeshitila Mulugeta, California, USA 
116.Dr. Yeshiwas Amsalu, M.D., Canada 
117.Dr. Yohanes Dawd, M.D., Atlanta, USA 
118.Professor Yohanes Tiruneh, San Diego, USA 
119.Dr. Yonas Biru, Washington D.C., USA 
120.Professor Yonas Geda, Arizona, USA 
121.Dr. Zebaye Baye, USA 
122.Dr. Zergabachew Asfaw, New York, USA 
123.Dr. Zewdu Lisanu, M.D., Kentucky, USA 


⮚ Africa: Professor Damtew Teferra | |  ⮚ Canada: Dr. Tihut Asfaw | |  

⮚ Europe: Dr. Tariku Teshale | |  

⮚ USA: Professor Enawgaw Mehari | | 

NB: This is a translation of the Amharic version released on 28 April 2021. Names have  been added and updated. 

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  1. Kudos to everyone of these well educated and successful countrymen/women for coming together to make such clear clarion call for unity to save that blessed country, that gem of the colored from going destructively astray. I hope their coming together will not be just a one-off deal that we will hear from them again and again with similar pleas. The article is devoid of ethnic references as I expected and liked and plead with them to stay away from it. I also remind them that their call for unity can trigger the ire of those who have given up on it. I urge them to keep asking such elements to come to the fold and join the sacred effort of saving that glorious country which produced us all. It is my conviction that the old country is on its last chance. It is at a crossroad and many of the leads will put the country in dire straits that it will not be able to get out of. If that happens then we will see the entire 120 million people on the move. I had said this on many occasions before that if that is the case it will make both Yemen and Syria just a weekend stroll in a park, a cake walk!!! That is not/will not be funny!!!!

    I call upon all other intellectuals among our Diaspora to join this group and work together very hard to avert an all out disaster.

  2. Subject: “Call to Action: Safeguard Our Country!” by Ethiopian Scholars , May 3, 202O

    Humble Commentary, 3 May 2021
    One hundred twenty three (123) Ethiopian Diaspora Professionals and Intellectuals are calling for action to save Ethiopia from the cliff of disaster.
    This must be historical phenomenon in Africa. No question about it!!! The unique Action of the Intellectuals must definitely galvanize the attention of Ethiopians as well as African bystanders. But, the Action of the 123 Scholars of the Highest Order is not only drawing attention to themselves but also take the greatest “RISK” of putting the entire people of Ethiopia and the entire African RACE in totality under the JUDGMENT of world racists bystanders around the Globe. They will get a tool to prove their ancient racism towards the BLACK People. If the ambitious group of one hundred twenty three Scholars fail, the image of BLACK AFRICANS in totality is put under monumental risk of proving the HISTORICAL NEGATIVE IMAGE OF BLACK AFRICANS around the globe, for ever and ever and ever…………. What the 123 Scholars did is to put the ENTIRE RACE of Africa under the laughing judgment of RACIST SOCIETIES around the Globe. Or, they MUST succeed by hook or by crook. They must win. They must finish their goal. There is no choice: Ethiopia is now on glaring mirror >>> Failure or Success. THERE IS NO SAVING FACE NOR OTHER ALTERNATIVES. THIS MUST BE THE DAY. THERE IS NO CHOICE BUT ACTION.

  3. Congratulations to my dear Ethiopian Intellectuals in the diaspora.Indeed,Ethiopian Unity is sacrosanct ,but hostile external forces do not rest in their plans to dismember our African country that was never colonised,so please continue to be on your guard against these hostile foreign forces.
    I recall a 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in my country when powerful voices were heard calling for the the division of our country between the Hutus and Tutsis which rhe new leadership resisted vehemently and since then we have managed to rebuild our country!So,please always fight for Ethiopia Tikdem.

  4. This article, a call to defend MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA is essentially timely and must be taken at most sincerity and extremely seriously, by all ETHIOPIANS who takes MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA as their lifeline and are ready to defend her at any cost from the beasts, namely America (pretending to be a friend of Ethiopia, but one of the worst enemies Ethiopia has) and the human bloodsaking devil England. Yes, tough times for our beloved country have come and gone, this time deadly serious, however, Ethiopia’s enemies remained the same, which are:- America, England, Egypt, and some Arab countries and always working day and night to dismantle MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA. The people of Ethiopia and the administration of prime minister Abiy Ahmed must vehemently reject the poisons of aides coming from the US and UK in any shape or form, that’s to say Monatryfunds, their genetically modified wheat and or otherwise, period and of the story.
    The US and UK are shuttling to Ethiopia’s neighboring countries and bribing the leader of those countries to become anti-Ethiopian and making them an enemy of Ethiopia to isolate Ethiopia and fuming and galvanizing ethnic clashes from within Ethiopia by pouring money to those whom they trained to be traitors, that’s what US and UK have been doing for the last 30 years, using terrorist TPLF to destroy and disintegrate MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA once and for all, whether or not they will be successful depends on how we ETHIOPIANS will respond to the enemies of our beloved country and will defend her to the last ETHIOPIAN men, women, young and old, as our forefathers have done and past on free and independent MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA. As it is said in this very article, ” MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA has served as a beacon of hope, liberty, and freedom for others. MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA CONTINUES TO STAND FREE AND WILL REMAIN SO FOR GENERATIONS TO COME. THIS COLORFUL HISTORY AND FREEDOM ARE AT THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE ETHIOPIAN PSYCHE!”.



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