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Ethiopia says 6.7 billion birr meant to be used by TPLF for terrorist related activity secured


Ethiopia’s office of Attorney general says it secured over 6.7 billion birr that was meant to be used by Tigray People’s Liberation Front for activities related to terrorism. 

It is also said that the TPLF had plans to transfer the fund overseas. 

Furthermore, it is claimed that the fund is confiscated in accordance with the law. 

Alemante Agedew is Director General of the illegally appropriated wealth recovery Department within the office of the Attorney General. He said that the office has been investigating TPLF related businesses and military officers who fought on the side of TPLF after the Ethiopian Defense Force was attacked on November 4,2020, as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

He claims that the investigation was a success. From military officers who deserted the Ethiopian Defense Force to fight on the side of TPLF alone, over 54 million Ethiopian Birr was recovered – not to mention properties seized based on court order. 

The rest of the fund was recovered from business enterprises associated with TPLF.  At the height of its power, TPLF is said to have created over $5 billion wealth via conglomerates under the Organization. 

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  1. I just checked the currency exchange rate and the US Dollar is traded at 41.7 Birrs. So 6.7 billion in Eth. Birr is about 161 million in US dollars. That is a good start but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Those goons had reportedly pilfered more than 30 billion in US dollars from the nation’s coffers during their 27 year unchallenged governance. That is about 1.3 trillion in Eth. Birr. Think about that and also think about how many men, women and children perished due to malnutrition during those years. Think about that. I tell you those goons have no soul, man!!! O my goodness gracious!!!! I know what gave them hearts of steel without an iota of compassion for their own citizens. It is that kitab of the devil called Marxism/Leninism, that mother of all fake news, the master plan of blackmailing millions into oblivion!!! Once it landed and took root in the old country that society has never been the same. Power to the masses, they tell us. I say my foot!!!! Proletariat dictatorship, they tell us. I say take it somewhere else!!! Don’t start with me about that one!!! Don’t!!!!!

  2. Comparing to what the USA supported terrorist TPLF stole from the people of ETHIOPIA and made Susan Rice and her cronies millionaires, this amount can be considered cents and dimes., however I applaud the Ethiopian Attorney General’s office and stuff members who worked hard and diligently to secure this stolen fund.

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::


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