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3.1 magnitude earthquake hits South of Aswan Dam in Egypt : Report


A report by Egypt Independent on Tuesday said a 3.1  magnitude earthquake hit South of the Aswan Dam. 

The source cited  National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics Gad Al-Qadi to report that it happened  “at latitude 23.56 degrees north, longitude 32.71 degrees east, and at a depth of four kilometers.”

No causality or property damage reported. 

The story is not covered by any other Egyptian media outlets at this writing.  

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  1. This is very scary news. That dam has become an essential part of Egypt’s survival in the 21st century. One of the alarming news that brought Sadat rushing to the peace deal in 1978-79 was Israel’s final warning where blowing up the dam was the next major raid/target. That dam has been part of everyday life of every Egyptian citizen as it the Nile itself. Think about the old country 50-60 years after the start of the GERD dam in full operation. It is going to be indispensable. It will be sewed up in the daily life of every Ethiopian citizen and even those in the neighboring countries. Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and South Sudan will count on it. That is just from the electricity being generated by the dam. You add other fringe benefits from future irrigation projects? Forget about it!!!!! I don’t wish any harm to this dam and all other dams in the region.

  2. I wish no one for harm, however, I just learned, even Biblical history repeats itself, the Pharaohs have no back memories in their imperfect creations of always questioning and defying GOD’s messages and his existence as a whole, and no one convinces or tell them otherwise, it’s unfortunate and A curse from their part.



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