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The Coming Challenges and Ethiopia’s preparedness

Ethiopia _ Tegegnework Getu

Dr. Tegegnework Gettu (PHD)

We need to be measured, thoughtful, cautious but principled. We have to be brutally honest to ourselves in understanding our strength and weaknesses.  We should be very careful since the last cockroaches are crawling out from underground with their last attempt to disintegrate our country. We need to work to bridge old divides, find common ground where possible, forge collective solutions that would help us to confront our challenges. Attract others to our cause and tackle issues that matter most to Ethiopians as a whole.  Focus on our economy, security and stability. Emotional agitation focused of sectarian issues will not take us anywhere.  

Government is imperfect but indispensable for our safety and stability. Avoid anarchy by blocking those who want the shortest path postulate to power or make a comeback to reestablish one sided wealth accumulation and narrowly based prosperity only for the ruling group.  We need an experienced hand to handle our complex situation. External actors always get it wrong and their prescription is always off target with the exception of the arrogance of we know it all. Vulgar attempt in regime change created havoc in developing countries they had their hands on.  We do not need a plain headed politician to come and tell us what to do just because he comes through the revolving door of EU chairmanship. We respect experienced and knowledgeable hand but not an ammeter who happens to be experienced in his country politics far from Africa, small and less complicated.  We carefully Look at Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt etc.. We have to show once more that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are relentless in defense of our country and people steadily to advance our collective interests committed to equality with diversity. It is a complex world that requires sophistication, cold blooded calculations without emotion or ethnic arithmetic, and with give and take. We also need to get a domestic solution to our internal conflict avoiding the moto of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. By now we should learn more than enough from the internal and external alliance system that costed our beloved country dearly.  We need to stop our thugs and Ethnic warriors who behave, dress and act like Rambo with empty-headed trigger-happy hate shedding the blood of innocent people.

We are living in an interdependent world linking the challenges we face to the reality in the outside world and so we have to avoid being narrowly focused. From our markets to our security, from our public health to our climate, from our effort to alleviate poverty to building up manufacturing base, etc.. we must act with the understanding that, now more than ever, we have a stake in what happens inside and outside our country. We should avoid shooting first and asking questions later. Those who shoot from the hip with aggressive behavior need to be collectively confronted.

Our challenges and struggle is not going to be short and pretty. So we need to be prepared steadily and progressively. We should not be confused by paid lobbyists and social media misinformation warriors. Beware of and identify outrageously deceitful politicians. Avoid tragedy and setbacks by not being emotional and agitated. Understand the multiple and complex initiatives to disintegrate and fracture our nation. We have to face it with the right temperament and morality. The interlinked political, security, and humanitarian crisis need a careful and coordinated approach and fending off those who want to complicate it or take advantage. We need a mature and more sophisticated diplomacy and concerted effort.

Leadership is more like conducting a symphony than performing as a virtuoso player of any single instrument- often with multiple, potentially dissonant musicians and the need to achieve harmony among them.  


Editor’s note : This article by Dr. Tegegnework Gettu appeared first on P2P forum on April 23, 2021. Dr. Tegegnewor was former Under Secretary General of the United Nations.

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  1. Hello! Hello! Anybody home, nock…..nock…..Anybody home. Dr. Tegegnework Gettu at the door, I am calling upon every Ethiopian around the world on behalf of our beloved country Ethiopia. Urgent message from motherland ETHIOPIA, “Please read carefully the message that your country me ETHIOPIA wrote you, as an article on this forum Borkena, before it is too late, act accordingly and vigilantly and therefore, there will be no misshapes on your rescue missions to save me, if you wish to have me as your country, oh! oh! before I forget, you must remember your forefathers have sacrificed their livelihoods, shade their blood to keep me free of fascistic colonialism, for you to indulge and preserve me from those of the children of fascists, nazis, and white supremacists who still wants me to be wiped out of off the map of the world if they cannot succeed occupying me. My traditional and historical enemies are working day and night to disintegrate me, so I know you will not fail or disappoint me by allowing the cockroaches to disintegrate me, your beloved country MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA”.
    Thank you Dr. Gettu for being a trusted messenger for MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA, GOD bless you and your family.


  2. Homeless Ethiopians need to organize as it gets done in many other countries, Ethiopians need to form organizations to provide resources inorder to help homeless individuals who end up becoming homeless on the streets or in jungles , of the city or town they lost their
    housings in, so the displaced homeless don’t resort to migrating out the city or town they lived in before they ended up homeless.

    1) Homeless Advocacy Project need to be started across Ethiopia by hiring volunteer legal experts to assist the homeless for free by giving the homeless any legal assistances.

    2) Homeless Coalition Projects are needed across Ethiopia to advocate for the homeless so the homeless get to organize and demand housing or demand ID cards using non profit charity addresses. If a person had an ID card and ends up homeless suddenly for any reasons the city needs to not deny to give the homeless person ID card because the person ends up homeless at any moment for any reason. Without an ID card the poor and the homeless are not able to cash checks in this current time when little amount of cash is allowed for individual people to withdraw from banks each day forcing philanthropists to help the homeless by handing out checks instead of cash to the homeless Ethiopians.

  3. What made our past success prior to Derg, is relstions eith other countries. The diplomacy and negotiation wasdismantledeversince and non existent under Tplf. Thus the relationship ethiopia has e ver since is servant-master relations with other nations and the result has been a disaster and we are scrambling today. There are still Tplf leaders who are imprisoned while others gotkilled, why? It seems that the main architects if ethiopia’s enemies are imprisoned and still alive: jawar, bereket, debretsion, sebhat and many tplf and olf leaders. This shows they will be released to create Tplf II and Olf II. Add to that the new boys on the block which is Abn. They are all under the control of the usual suspects foreign enemies. The best thing is Aby to set up all ethnic ethiopian loyalists in leadership with the same vision in order to prevent being targeted by domestic and foreign groups. There is a country leader that did that for a while. Besides, the leadership has to be collective that transition ethiopia to democracy and prosperity with true constitution and justice. Many ho out on social media, even those screaming pro ethiopia and aby, unintentionally endangering the leadership or the country because they come out emotionally, rather than networking with others and government, what to talk and not talk on media. Everyone, goes on media like a chicken whose head is cut off not knowing what they are talking publically that could compromise the coubtry further, every one is decision maker, the judge and jury. This shows a lack of cohesiveness, comminication with true ethiopians within the government, leadership and with others. It show disconnectedness which is great sign to enemies.


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