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Demonstration against Amahra genocide continued for the 5th day

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sees the demonstrations against Amahra genocide as strategies to usurp power 

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Demonstrations in Amahra regional state continued on Friday for the fifth day. According to a report by the regional state media, Amahra media corporations, people took to the streets in huge numbers in Dangela, Debre Tabor, Dejen, Bure and Addis Kidam. 

In the past four days, there had been demonstrations in several other major towns and cities in the region. 

Protestors demanded the government to end the massacre and displacement of ethnic Amahra in different parts of Ethiopia. 

For over three years now, thousands of ethnic Amhara were slaughtered in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia. B

But the massacres that alarmed the people in the Amhara regions to the point of organizing massive and power protests were the ones that took place in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Many areas in North Shoa and South Wollo region came under Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) militant wing attack  for days. The city of Ataye was entirely destroyed. Hundreds of innocent civilians including children and women were killed and over 250,000 people were displaced from several towns. 

Regional authorities have been sending mixed messages about the demonstrations that rather seem to be very persistent. On the one hand, they say they have respect for the demonstrations, and they have confirmed that they were peaceful in nature in most cases. 

On the other hand, they accuse the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) with the pretext of some messages echoed during the demonstration.  The Amhara region branch of Prosperity Party claims that these messages could worsen attacks against Amahra outside the region. 

On Thursday, there was a clash between protestors and security forces of the region in Bahir Dar. Security forces had to fire tear gas to stop what was said to be intentions for vandalism from protestors. Protestors attempted to attack security forces with rocks too – something that did not resonate well among a considerable number of Ethiopians. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed remarked about the demonstrations when he was meeting with heads of regional states and city administration over the election. For Abiy Ahmed, the massive demonstrations in the Amhara region following the latest massacre of hundreds of Amharas (this time in the Amhara region of Ethiopia) are just strategies of usurping power by force. “We know the games. We played them. They did not surprise us,” he said. 


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  1. Rise up people for you rights and be the voice for your defenceless and voiceless brothers and sisters. As the time has come to say enough is enough of this madness that is going for quite a while under the disguise by ethnic zealots. You see all people’s from all ethnic groups are the same and hard working of the land but few in each ethnic group only live by feeding from and prying on innocent blood. And every ethnic group should clean up its own ethnic ethnic fascists to come clean and live in harmony with others. Language should not be what defines a human as apart from the sounds and writing the meaning behind is the same. What should define a human is what meaning was behind the message regardless of the language. If that message is of love it hate. If that message is of building or destroying. If that message is of life or death. Search for the meaning for those who advocate for ethnic segregation and will find always the worst and below human scums trading on innocents blood. They claim servitude and entitlements from others not by merit but because they adhere to some ethnic background or speak some language. These are the scorn of humanity that Ethiopian young generation is dealing with. Rise up as it is your time to clean up these parasites.

  2. It is really strange of the incumbent to fabricate that the protests are maqui nation of opposing forces and complaining about is when he has not as yet officially given his condolences to all the victims of several massacres already done under his watch. Nor have declared a national morun ing day. For that sense not sure even the regional puppet government has done it neither. I am not sure in what moral ground his supporters still believe in him to deliver any justice. Time will judge yourself as well for supporting spill inocent blood. As for the whores and cowards that kill inocent people and order to do it, the time you will be paid in kind is around the corner. I do not think this time around PR stunt, neither convince and confuse will workout and time will show you the emptiness of your bravado of killing innocents. Soon you will feel the heat and your cowardice will be revealed.

  3. I do see in the future these movement not only brings justice to today’s killed and displaced innocent’s but also we will solve the issues from the past by recovering old cultures and languages by means of studying history and archeology based on real facts. Other countries have resurrected long disappeared languages and cultures form extinguishion. All cultures that were swallowed and made disappear during the Abyssinian and Promo expansions should be explored known to all Ethiopians so those today are willing to kill and die for their second identity be it Oromo or Amhara or Tigrean they are are doing so for an identity that deliberately decimeter their ancestors culture and language. Gaffat, Ifat , etc probably left us a lot in the ground to discover about ourselves. The only identity left to Ethiopians today is the deeds of each one which is the truth that stands the Creator judgement. And not what these non sensical human biased opinions of so called leaders including morally wrong aba gedas

  4. It is true Amara region must demonstrate peacefully, however, just like in Tigray and Oromo region, For the past 27 years the youth were programmed by Tplf junta and ” friendly” nation to be just like Tplf and Olf. Today, we see that Tigrayans are sacrficing their children for tplf and to install neo colonualism. The sleeping giant Olf is doing the same thing and the neocolonialism is betting on mutual extinction between Amara and Oromo. What needs to come out of these two regions and throughout ethiopia is the pro ethiopia. The attack on Shewa Ataye and Wollo Kemise is prove of revenge due to the leadership of Minilik that stopped ethiopia’s colonization. Those who have been saying anti Menilik rhetiric on media especially Olf backed by Shabia must have a hand in it. I am opening one of my eye when it cones to Shabia, after all it has years of expertise and deception. Shabia was ordered to ethiopia to reconcile with Aby in the beginning by current ethiopias crisis foreign architect. If it is genuine relationship, welcome sonehow, tge requirement to the relationship might be the destruction of Shewa, Wollo, destruction of Amharic, culture, flag, clothing,take over of Abay, Resources then give you ethiopia means, having a skeleton Ethipia, not to mention break up of ethiopia. Everyhing should not be negotiable while still strengthening diplomacy and reaching a win win especially economically. I have a hard time trusting Oromo elites after Merara Gudina, now Taye Denda is acting the same. In fact, someone need to tell these two, the act of uncivilized Olf programmed by shabia and tplf when they took over ethiopia in 1991, they killed too many Amaras, threw them over cliffs. This is the readon, the sleeping ginat olf is lurking, waiting for the right time to jump the gun against especially Amaras. Aby, has so many issues but must clean out these extremists. After tplf, they are the second to tplf that could endanger the country as well as the people. Where is Dawd Ibsa? Dawd Ibsa might transfer the baton to Lema Megersa? Why Welega? What does Welega Olf extremists want? Who prop them? Ut seems there might be a mixed foreign-Oromo leadership there in secret mobilising Olf


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