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Ethiopian Army is not involved in massacring innocents in Tigray, says senior General

What is depicted as a massacre by the Ethiopian army is a doctored video by mercenary forces of the Junta, said indoctrination head of the army.  

Ethiopian Army _ TPLF
General Mohammed Tessema (Photo : File /ENA)


A day after the US State Department said that it is looking into the killings of civilians in Tigray region by Ethiopian soldiers which is based on CNN report, as reported by CNN, Chief of Ethiopian Army Indoctrination Division, Maj. General Mohammed Tessema responded to the allegations. 

The claim was based on Amnesty International’s “verified” video footage of Ethiopian soldiers killing eleven men in a place that is said to be south of Aksum town. 

“The news that is Ethiopian Defense Force massacred innocent people in Tigray,” is coordinated false news, he said. And he attributed it to what he called mercenaries of the Junta – a reference to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders.

In a statement to local media on Wednesday, he said that the video that was circulating on social media is doctored one prepared to confuse the public.  It is the works of the remnants of the Junta, he added. 

The mercenaries of the Junta doctored a killing committed by the TPLF Junta to make it appear as if it was committed by the Ethiopian Army, he recalled. 

A video that CNN released was making a reference to the uniforms of soldiers seen in the video, Amnesty claimed that it verified it, to claim that Ethiopian Army carried out extrajudicial killings of civilians. 

Maj. General Mohammed Tessema also retreated that the TPLF force was defeated once but confirmed that the army is dealing with remnants who are operating as bandits in the region.  He also accused them of carrying out armed robberies and looting. But they make it appear as if it is committed by the Ethiopian Defense Force, it was said. 

Furthermore, he said that the Ethiopian Defense Force is working day and night to hold the remaining TPLF leaders responsible. 

The prime minister earlier this month  admitted that the TPLF is now operating as a guerrilla force in the region.

The TPLF force is resurging and regrouping in Tigray region following “humanitarian assistance” efforts in the region for which the European Union and the United States had been pressuring Ethiopia for months. The force was reported to be totally defeated by Ethiopian army ( Eritrean army is now confirmed to be involved in the war) about two weeks after it launched an attack on the Northern bases of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

It is reported that TPLF is playing “international acceptance” card to recruit youth into the guerrilla movement, Ethiopian army indoctrination chief claimed. 


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