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Customs Commission says Federal Police commander arrested over alleged corruption

The operation to arrest three Federal police members, including the commander, and custom officials was underway for three months, Ethiopian Custom Commission claimed. 

Custom Commission _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian Customs Commission Commissioner, Debella Kebeta (Photo credit : EBC)


Ethiopian Custom Commission on Monday said that it has arrested three members of the Federal police who collaborated with criminals allegedly involved in illicit and contraband trade. 

The statement from the commission , sent to Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate, claimed that the arrest was made after three months of operation to study the nexus of corrupt relationship with law enforcement officers. 

The person who was allegedly involved in contraband practices is said to have recruited a Federal police commander with a rank of Major who was posted at Awash custom checkpoint, and two others from Awash branch of the Custom’s Commission Office to bypass search at the Awash custom checkpoint, said EBC report which cited a statement from the commissioner, Debelle Kebeta. 

Clandestine operation to capture the collaborators with the contrabandista was underway for three months, Mr. Debelle Kebeta said. Awash Custom Office workers, Custom law enforcement and intelligence officers and the Federal Police Crime Prevention department were  involved in the clandestine operation to capture the criminals, according to the report.  And the commissioner extended his gratitude 

A total of seven individuals : three federal police members, the smuggler, a driver, Metehara police commander, and custom office clerk who was allegedly providing cover are arrested. 

The item that was seized is estimated to be nearly 6.2 million birr ( mostly clothing and  facial creams).  The report also said that 200,000 Ethiopian birr that was meant to be paid as a bribe is captured. 

Meanwhile, the Custom Commission disclosed that it has seized smuggled goods worth 2.2 billion birr over the past eight months, as reported by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. 


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