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The Weeknd announces $1 million donation to support Ethiopia

The money is to be spent on providing 2 million meals for those displaced in Ethiopia following attacks on elders and children, The Weeknd announced 

A mother mourns near the grave of victims from the massacre against ethnic Amhara. (Photo : social media – Muluneh Yohannes FB page.)


Canadian singer, songwriter and producer, Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, announced on Sunday that he is donating $1 million US to support the humanitarian situation in the country caused by senseless murder and displacement of people, as he called it. 

He made the donations via the United Nations World Food Program to provide a meal for about two million people affected by the security situation in Ethiopia. 

The Weeknd also called upon all those who can to make donations to give for the same cause. 

He said : “My heart breaks for my people of Ethiopia as innocent civilians ranging from small children to the elderly are being senselessly murdered and entire villages are being displaced out of fear and destruction. I will  be donating $1 million to provide 2 million meals through the United Nations World Food Programmes and encourage those who can to please give as well.” 

The Tigray region of Ethiopia has become a conflict zone since November 4, 2020 after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked the military bases of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Thousands of ethnic Amhara have been killed for over two years now in the Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia. The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been linking the massacre targeting ethnic Amhara to the armed wing of  the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group, Oromo Liberation Front – Shane. 

There is, however, growing accusations from activists and the people that the Oromia regional government is behind the massacres of innocent civilians in the region.

On Saturday, five major opposition groups in the country called for an independent investigation of the ongoing massacre on ethnic Amhara in the Oromo region. They openly accused the government of involvement in the massacre.  

In 2017, The Weeknd donated $50,000 to Toronto University towards the launch of Geez language, ancient Ethiopian language, program.

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  1. This is love for the old country at its best. We should follow this patriot young man as an example and pitch in the last penny in our pocket to help those upright people in their trying times. You bigots!!! You have to leave me alone on this one. You must be ashamed of yourself for using the current bloodshed of innocent civilians for your propaganda tools. I wish you were not even born!!! You’re sick and walking around with sick minds. You young people including music fans of this very accomplished musician, this is your time to shine!!! Run your own charity drives in your hoods and raise money for this blessed cause. Keep having those young men in the conflict zones throughout the old country in your thoughts. They are young people just like you whose aspirations in life were suddenly and egregiously denied. Show and tell them you have not forgotten them and you have their backs!!! You will be blessed!!!

  2. Amhara militia continue to drive Tigrayans from their homes, jsut as Eritreans did in advance. Donot put the blame only on amhara . Eritreans are killing Oromos , Tegaru, Amhara and everyone in Ethiopia. They fight against Sudan. Many of eritreans and Amaharas living in Sudan start to claim and made fake Tigrean ID for fear of being deported.

    no mor eritrea . Dina mufti is right .Eritreans should be brought to justice . they supported the war in Tigray and some are pretending to condem the war to make money on youtube; Some have business in Tigray and some are afraid of being thrown out of thier home since they are marrioed to Tegarus.Some hate to return to eritrea because of the crime they commited against eritreans.
    Why is the world moving so slow against the Amharas, Abiy and Isaias. The Amharas and other ethnic members (including eritreans ) who support Abiy and live abroad should be held responsible for these atrocities. Why cann’t US and EU arrest and bring these fans of Eritrean and ethiopina government to justice ??? Now eritreans are fighting against Oromia as they did against Tegaru and Sudan. Theya re against any tribe in ethioipia; they were fighting against the whole Ethiipians during the Italian invasion. They are our etrenal enemies from time immemorial(ancient time)!

    • Honest Question:
      What have the Amharas, Abiy, Isaias, Oromo , Eritrea have to do with the Article ? >>> Quote “.The Weeknd announces $1 million donation to support Ethiopia ” Unquote
      PLEASE note, the question is NOT, NOT, NOT being sarcastic. Thank you in advance for the answer.


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