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Secret project of Ethio-Eritrean confederation


The following reportage from Andafta Media talks about alleged Ethio-Eritrean confederation which is said to be a secret project. Take a listen.

Audio file : embedded from Andafta media Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Subject: “Secret project of Ethio-Eritrean confederation” by, April 4, 2021 ” note the date, please

    Humble Comment, 18 Feb 2022
    The Dream above is NOT impossible
    The trick is to satisfy the ego of President of Eritrea with an attractive POST that would enable him to meet World ‘Presidents’ and Equivalent in endless sociological meetings with endless ceremonies. That serves his ego beautifully in his twilight years.
    The other trick is for the young President of Ethiopia to maintain his title and be busy with nitty gritty with world executives.
    But we have a Problem. Keep on reading.

    The President of Tigray finds himself unhappy with the whole arrangements, above. WHY ??? Because of lack of world attention. Consequently, it is necessary to have friction. It means a friction would have to be ignited among the above two relationship. And the President of Tigray Republic has already demonstrated his unparalleled ability to manage things around for his intention. He is expert at it, never matched by any individual around the Globe. OH! Oh! Oh ! by the way, the president of the mighty USA is in favour of the Tigrayan silk operator, never seen in Africa. Anyway, the mighty USA will have its own way in any case, under any circumstance — whether Black Africa likes it or not. FULL STOP

    In the mean time, a question may be asked: “WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE?” The answer is simple: Black Africans are always, for time immemorial, obey the self-appointed noble indigenous masters. What we know about democracy, liberty, rule of laws and equality are only in various books that we memorized and get way above passing grades with distinction and supported by testimonial golden paper of 9 by 13 inch in size, until LIFE takes over its mandate. THE END


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