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Ethiopia responds to G7 statement regarding the situation in Tigray

Donations from international partners, including members of G7 countries, to ease the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region barely constitute one-third of what has been provided so far, says Ethiopian government. 


A few days ago the foreign ministers of members of the G7 countries released a press statement regarding the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia in which they called for “unhindered humanitarian access” which the Ethiopian government claimed to have implemented several weeks ago. 

It was said that they are “strongly concerned about recent reports on human rights violations and abuses and violations of international humanitarian law in Tigray.” 

What they called forced displacement of residents of Tigray and Eritrean refugees, killing of civilians, sexual and gender-based violence and  indiscriminate shelling  were among the issues for which they accused the Ethiopian government. 

Furthermore, the statement from G7 member countries noted that the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the United Nations Human Rights Commission agreed to jointly investigate the rights’ violation in the region, and called for making the investigation independent, transparent and impartial.  

The withdrawal of the Eritrean troops from the Tigray region, for which the Eritrean government expressed commitment following PM Abiy Ahmed’s latest visit to Asmara, is another area where the G7  member countries demanded action. They want the process to be “swift, unconditional and verifiable.”

Moreover, the G7 countries called for what it called “violence” in the region and “a clear inclusive political process.” 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Sunday issues a statement addressing concerns and claims by G7 member countries. 

The Ministry said that it has addressed many of the issues including human rights violations. The Eritrean troops have also started withdrawing from the region. 

Ethiopian government says the statement from G7 failed recognize important steps being taken to address the situation.

The Full statement from the Ministry reads as follows

Press Release: On G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement on the situation in Tigray

The Government of Ethiopia has continued intensifying its efforts to address the situation in the Tigray region and has made enormous progress since the law enforcement measures have come to a successful conclusion. Although these positive developments have been recognized and are visible for all to see, the statement issued by the G7’s Foreign Ministers on 02.04.2021 has failed to capture some of the important steps taken to ensure that the pressing needs of the region are in the process of being fully addressed in all fronts.

Unfettered access to humanitarian aid, including international media, has now been fully granted and joint investigation on human rights violations by international human rights experts has also been allowed and will commence soon. Despite these measures, resources that should have been garnered from the international community to meet the humanitarian and development challenges remain far too low. Mobilizing adequate resources, therefore, should be the utmost prior task if the challenges of the region are to be fully and timely addressed.

As announced last week, the Eritrean troops who had crossed the border when provoked by the TPLF have now started to evacuate and the Ethiopian National Defense Force has taken over guarding the national border.

The Interim Administration in collaboration with the Federal Government has also been working tirelessly to be able to bring the governance structure of the region back to full operation with the system has now put in place to the lowest administrative unit.
It’s been made abundantly clear to the international community that the government of Ethiopia has been trying its level best to reach out to more than 4.2 million people while the supply coming from the international partners is way below one-third of what is needed.

Therefore, whilst the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia honesty appreciates the concerns being expressed, it has already been too apparent that the supply of food and medicinal aid must be the crux of expressions of concerns.

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