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Sudan fought with Ethiopian Militia for four hours : report

Sudan makes claim that Ethiopian militia attempted to tamper with border marks along the Gadaref region 


Sudanese forces fought against Ethiopian farmers along the border area in the Gadaref region, said a report published by Sudan Tribune.

According to the source, the incident happened on Monday.  A joint force of the Sudanese army and the reserved forces fought against Ethiopian militia who were said to be 200 in numbers.

Moreover, it is claimed, citing what it called military sources, that the Ethiopian militia “crossed the borderline near an area located between Ethiopia and the Sudanese states of Gadarif and Sennar to change the position of the border markers between the two countries” but was later repulsed by Sudanese forces. 

The fighting was said to be four hours long and only two people are reported dead, from both sides. 

Furthermore, the report allege that Ethiopian militia were attempting to “to tamper with border markers” 

“The military official who is not authorized to speak to the media said that the Ethiopian force wanted to place new border markers and hide the existing markers, but the Sudanese troops forced the assailants to flee back into Ethiopia,” said the statement. 

At this writing, no confirmation or remark is given from the Ethiopian government regarding the incident. 

Sudanese forces have been controlling Ethiopian territories for over five months now. They first took control of the area after the Ethiopian Defense Forces deployed in the border were withdrawn following an attack on the Northern Command Force of the National Army on November 4, 2020. 

South Sudan and the United Arab Emirates initiated to mediate Sudan and Ethiopia over their border dispute. Ethiopia, however, has a stance that the dispute between the two countries should be resolved through bilateral dialogue, but it is demanding that Sudan will have to withdraw from the areas it occupied after November 4 – which Sudan claims as its own land that was under Ethiopian occupation for over 25 years. 


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