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U.S. and Ethiopia Launch New $2.2 Billion Phase of the Productive Safety Net Program

Each year, the Productive Safety Net Program reaches nine million Ethiopians in vulnerable communities to provide food and other assistance needed to help lift themselves out of poverty. Photo by Bobby Neptune for USAID. 

US Embassy Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 29, 2021 – Today, the United States joined the Government of Ethiopia and development partners to launch the next five-year phase of the Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP). The PSNP is the Government of Ethiopia’s multi-billion-dollar food security, public works, and social safety net program for millions in need across Ethiopia. 

The PSNP was first established with U.S. support in 2005. As the largest donor, USAID’s contribution accounts for over $550 million. 

Today’s launch represents a total additional $2.2 billion investment by the government and Ethiopia’s international partners in PSNP. Over the next five years, the PSNP will reach up to nine million people each year as it provides food assistance and services that will lift vulnerable families out of poverty. 

Minister of Finance Ato Ahmed Shide and Minister of Agriculture Ato Oumer Hussein launched the new, fifth phase of PSNP with heads of agencies from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), World Bank, UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, World Food Program, UNICEF, Irish Aid, and the Netherlands at a ceremony in Addis Ababa. 

USAID Mission Director Sean Jones said, “The American people’s commitment to this Ethiopian-led program is long-standing. We are pleased to continue our work together to build upon the success of the PSNP in improving food security and nutrition, and resilience in poor and vulnerable communities. We applaud the Ethiopian government’s commitment, leadership, and increased ownership under this initiative. The American people greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a partner of the Ethiopian people in the coming years.” 

The United States has supported the PSNP initiative since its inception and remains Ethiopia’s largest bilateral assistance partner, investing over $4 billion in the last five years alone. 


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  1. Terrorist Abiy Ahmed is a global threat! #SanctionEthiopia which legitimizes rape, massacre, genocide, uprooting fpor his extreme hunger for power

  2. The world community is slowly but surely realizing what the terrorist TPLF did. The insecure newly appointed secretary of the US State Department was the first to put blame on Ethiopia knowingly or unknowingly, but he is quiet these days. The facts are emerging, thanks mainly to Abiye’s leadership but also with overwhelming support from the Diaspora Ethiopians.

    Ethiopia is rising……

  3. This is wonderful news. It shows Good Ole USA is still the most loyal and generous friend of the people of the old country. Ask those goons from the heathens of Moscow and Beijing to top that!!!

  4. Terrorist TPLF is no more, if anything it’s dwindling on its last tread. TPLF’s harrowing ruling of ETHIOPIA in its darkest times in history for over 20 years is over, thank you, GOD, he is the greatest, we ETHIOPIANS should be very thankful to GOD for his kindness in keeping ETHIOPIA and her populous under his watchful eyes, for keeping us under his graceful holly shadow. The people of ETHIOPIA and historians should not forget what the people of ETHIOPIA have gone through during the daunting period of times under TPLF’s terror of rule. This was a time where ETHIOPIA’s existence as a country was utterly shaken, threatened, and most defiantly on the verge of desolation that our country has never been, and the effect of this protracted planning to disintegrate ETHIOPIA by evil TPLF junta and the mastermind of the late Meles Zenawi will linger around for quite sometimes as an obstacle and roadblock to our effort to rectify and reverse the course of ethnic federalism, which is causing divisive sentiments between the dividend line of ethnicity and antagonistic behaviors towards one another will haunt ETHIOPIA’s social, political atmospheric clouds, GOD willing we shall overcome it.


  5. Ituu Aba Farda, I don’t know about you, but as far as I am concerned I am very much fatigued from America’s hot and cold, love-hate relationship with our country fore as far as I remember. The most daunting and erroneous backstabbing Of Ethiopia by the USA comes in my memories during the Ethiopia/Somalia war. Not only the US went on the other side of the Ethiopian border and supported Somalia, but withheld the armaments that Ethiopia bought with hard cash and refused to deliver as promised and agreed upon. There is a saying in the American proverbs “ If you fool me once shame on you, if you fool me twice shame on me “ and therefore we Ethiopians, or the current generation as well as future generations must question the behavior and the legitimacy of America’s friendship with Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia. I know you got my drift. As I always say “our past is our gift to our future”

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::


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