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Adanech Abiebie on Seifu Show

Adanech Abiebie – borkena

Acting mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abiebie, appeared on Seifu on EBS comedy show on Sunday.

She talked about herself, family, and career, among other things. The host also posed a question about the issue of Addis Ababa ownership.

It is now public knowledge that that residents of Addis Ababa are even doubted as an entity with a right over Addis Ababa after radical political elements with the core of the ruling party and in the opposition claimed ethnic Oromo exclusive right over Addis Ababa.

She lightly answered, “Addis Ababa belogs to you, to me, to them[pointing to the audience]”

Watch her interview below.

Video : embedded from Seifu Show YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot form the video


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