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Disinformation campaign on Ethiopia, Eritrea assessed

The damage that disinformation campaign, from the TPLF quarter and their supporters in the West,  did to Ethiopia and Eritrea seem to have been noticed 

Disinformation _ Ethiopia _ Eritrea
Google Map of Ethiopia and Eritrea


The Ministry of Information of Eritrea has released a statement on Friday after Abiy Ahmed concluded working visit to Asmara. 

The statement said that disinformation campaigns against the two countries were assessed. 

The Ministry of Information disclosed that “the two sides agreed that important lessons have been gleaned from temporary hurdles precipitated by this reality that will further bolster the joint undertakings by the two sides in the period ahead.” 

Ethiopia, and Eritrea had been regularly making headlines in major media outlets in the west in connection with the conflict in the Tigray region which was triggered when Tigray People’s Liberation Front attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in early November 2020. 

Ethiopians and Eritreans in the diaspora have been organizing protests to oppose expressed stances of some state actors and media outlets over alleged human rights abuse. 

The two governments have reached an agreement, as disclosed by Ethiopian Prime Minister, regarding claims of human rights violations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Eritrean leader is said to have agreed that members of the Eritrean troops who have been involved in the violation will be held accountable. 

Eritrea will withdraw its forces from the Tigray region, as disclosed by Mr. Abiy Ahmed, but again no specific date seems to have been fixed. The US government and some international organizations have been calling for the withdrawal of Eritrean troops. 

The two-days of regular, consultative, meetings, as the Ministry called it, between the leaders of the two countries also discussed “joint strategic development programmes on the offing within the framework of broader regional prospects and perspectives.” 

Restoring social relation to normalcy to people in Tigray and Eritrea is said to resume, although no time line is disclosed yet. 


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