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Perversion of facts by VOA English to Defame the Amhara Militia: The Case of the Mai-Kadra Massacre Survivors

US secretary of state, Antony Blinken. (Photo credit : VOA – Screenshot from VOA video)

By Abebe Belay

The current situation in Ethiopia has been perplexed by lies and propaganda.   TPLF supporters, the international media, and foreigners are working day and night to destroy Ethiopia.  Former diplomats like Herman J. Cohen are repeatedly targeting the ethnic Amhara and blaming them for all evils in Ethiopia.  

Despite the multitude of evidence, unfortunately, the Ethiopia government has failed to timely and adequately reveal to the world the truth about the attack carried out by TPLF. The government is not doing enough damage control either.  Despite the request from the Parliament, the Abiy administration did not even want to outlaw TPLF as a terrorist organization. The current condition in Ethiopia is too big to be left to the government alone. 

All peace-loving Ethiopians should responsibly tell the truth to the world.   The Tigray state militia, as they themselves admitted, launched an attack on the Northern Command of Ethiopia’s National Defense Force and monstrously executed the army members while in their pajamas.  They took over the ammunition depots and launched rockets to Bahir Dar and Eritrea.  You may watch the testimony of TPLF when one of the TPLF leaders, Seku Ture,  admits that TPLF first launched an attack on the Federal Army.

The Northern Command of the Federal Army members were heinously attacked by Tigray militia and by the internal TPLF-affiliated collaborators (reportedly ethnic Tigrians) from within the army.  The Amhara militia rescued the Federal Army in some of the sites.  No one can contest this fact; but the international media is willfully distorting the facts on the ground. 

VOA English has joined some of the international media that are baselessly misinforming the international community and reversing the facts related to the Federal Government’s law- enforcement operation in Tigray.

The Voice of America (VOA) is an influential international media which is funded by the US taxpayers.   It is expected to maintain basic ethical standards.

Please watch these two short videos at the end of this article.  

The first one is from AFP posted on Nov 26, 2020.  It is about the Mai-Kadra massacre carried out against Amhara by the Tigray militia at a small town called Mai-Kadra.  The video shows the survivors of the Mai-Kadra massacre by TPLF militia.  

The second video is from VOA posted on Mar 12, 2021.  It alleges that the Amhra militia and Eritrean forces carried out massacres against ethnic Tigray in Axum, Ethiopia.  Following that you will see the US Secretary of State Blinken and the White House Press Secretary speaking on the issue.

So far, there is no credible evidence for the claims that Amhara militia and Eritrean forces massacred civilian in Axum; instead, the VOA’s report shows the images and videos of the Amhara victims of the Mai-Kadra massacre that was reported by AFP in the first video and mentions the alleged massacre that the Amhara militia and Eritrean force committed.  What a complete perversion of facts by VOA! 

The videos are about three minutes each.  Please watch them and report to the international community this is a deliberate deception. This is one of the blatant attacks on the ethnic Amhara which itself is often the victim of ethnic genocide in various parts of Ethiopia. 

This is a serious matter as the US is taking a stand supporting the TPLF militia and criminalizing the ethnic Amhara militia.  Blaming the victims does not bring peace to the Horn but will worsen the conflict and can cause ethnic strife and eventually destabilize the Horn of Africa.  Ethiopia is being pushed away from the US because of ill-intentioned individuals in the US government that have historical ties with TPLF.  This will sever the Ethio-US relationship and endanger the interest of the US.  

The US Congress should find out the hard facts about the crimes and massacres committed by TPLF and should stop those who are pushing Ethiopia into ethnic strife and genocide.   Stable, united, and peaceful Ethiopia should be in the best strategic interest of the US.  

AFP’s Video
VOA’s Video

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  1. Lovely USA why are yu pushing us away again? You did it in the 1980’s and you drove us into the arms of the Russians. Now you are turning away to drive us into the arms of the Chinese. But look how we love the USA. There are many. many Ethiopians in the lovely USA and the dream of any young Ethiopian is to emigrate to the USA and live a lovely life. So , we are really surprised why you hate us – when we love you so much!!!!

  2. The American tax payers are financing the voice of America (VOA) to be streamed around the globe for Good Samaritan of America & the America people . However VOA is being used since it’s establishment to create political ambivalence, political disobedience and overthrowing governments in the BLACK CONTINENT of AFRICA, including ETHIOPIA.
    The Ethiopian section of VOA is packed by extremists of ethnic, Oromos and Tigrayans and other anti ETHIOPIAN elements, some of them who had picked up weapons and fought on the side of TPLF and separatist Oromo liberation front. I believe the VOA requires applicants from ETHIOPIAN origin to have an experience in the field of journalism , political radical activism , belonging to an anti Ethiopian radical domestic terrorist organization from within and without the country and so forth. If you think about the system the VOA uses to divide ETHIOPIA, it uses the ethnic line of languages and dialects to broadcast their propaganda in one country, directly or indirectly, advertently or inadvertently giving authenticities to these separatists terrorist groups in Ethiopia, to which the American government would have labeled them as such if they were to be Americans and or was done to Americans.

    To this very day, if you read or listen to VOA’s gestapo style propaganda against the land of ETHIOPIA, you would think & believe, you are reading and listening to that of the Second World War’s leaders of fascist Benito Mussolini’s and Adolf Hitler’s gestapo propaganda machines.
    America’s supposed democratic government? Picks and chooses which dictators and terrorist governments to sleep with and or be allied with. Take the case of Saudi Arabia, during the 911 terror attack 15 of the 19 attackers were Saudi Arabian citizens, not only that, the 911 investigative commission found out and came to a solid provable evidence that the Saudi Arabian government, the royal families financed the actual attack on the USA, but then, who gets bombarded and disseminated with the most sophisticated weapons and war machines the world have never seen? You gusset it wrong! Not Saudi Arabia, but one of the poorest country in the world AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ. If there is anyone out there with English proficiency, please define terrorism for me

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: እደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::

  3. I might add that, if the VOA was the honest, democratic and Good Samaritan and the voice of the American tax payers, ETHIOPIA has a national language that is spoken by ETHIOPIAN citizens as well as a written form of communication and therefore the anti AFRICAN & ETHIOPIAN gestapo propaganda radio station VOA should stream to ETHIOPIA in AMHARIC language which is the official language of ETHIOPIA

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::


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