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Northern Ethiopia situation impacting Ethio-Eritrean marriage in Europe

The fall of TPLF following an attempted “Preemptive strike” against Ethiopian Defense Force in Tigray region of Ethiopia seems to have put Ethio-Eritrean marriages in Switzerland in a bit of a situation. 


It is obvious that the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia gave rise to  humanitarian crisis, the coordination of which to address it caused a “military intervention” like pressure on Ethiopia – from western countries. 

As it turns out, the situation in Tigray reportedly affected Ethio-Eritrean marriages in Europe.  According to an Eritrean Press report which cited a resident of Zurich as a source, wives of ethnic Tigray origin living Switzerland are divorcing their Eritrean husbands. 

 “In what looks like a well-planned operation, Tigrayan wives in Switzerland started to divorce their Eritrean husbands, a Zurich resident tells Eritrean Press,”  ER reported. 

The sources added that “Eritrean men all over the country are finding their clothes and belongings chucked away in plastic bags outside their homes. ” 

The situation seems to have reduced Eritrean husbands to a homeless situation.  

The story is not covered by  other news sources at this writing. 

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