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Bail right granted to three Tigray People’s Liberation Front officials

Former Speaker of the House of Federation among TPLF officials released on bail 


The Federal Prosecutor on Thursday told Arada first instance federal count that Keriya Ibrahim could be released on bail. She was on the top Tigray People’s Liberation Front leaders and member of the Executive committee.

She was detained after she surrendered to the Ethiopian Defense Force  following a military operation against TPLF leaders and their 250,000 forces – a campaign that the Ethiopian government called “law enforcement operation.”

In addition to her role within the TPLF, she served as a speaker of the House of Federation ( Ethiopia’s upper House) until she resigned in June 2020 as the difference between her party and Abiy Ahmed led Federal government got worse over postponed election and other political issues. 

She remained detained as part of the investigation regarding links to the TPLF leadership that organized a military force which attacked the northern command of Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4, it was said. 

The Federal Prosecutor also granted bail to three other TPLF officials. President  of Tigray region court , Hirti Mihreteab, Advisor to Tigray region president, Woldeghiorghis Desta and Amdemariam Tessema. 

According to a report by the state media, the Federal Prosecutor said the investigation on the above mentioned TPLF officials revealed no criminal offense. 

Keriya Ibrahim is released on similar grounds. They were all required to make a 30,000 Ethiopia Birr  bail bond.  

Reaction from Ethiopians on social media is rather disapproving of government measures – especially in connection with the release of Keirya Ibrahim. 

Some speculate, however, that the government may have a political reason behind their release. 

About 21 senior level TPLF leaders, including one of the founders of the organization Sebehat Nega and former Tigray region deputy President Addis Alem Balema, are in custody.  At least four other key leaders – namely Seyoum Mesfin, Asmelash Gebreselassie, Abay Tsehaye and Zeray Asgedom – were killed during the military operation, as announced by the Ethiopian government. 


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