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Ethiopian FM Demeke Mekonnen met with Russian Ambassador

Demeke briefed the Russian Ambassador about the post conflict works underway in Tigray region

Demeke Mekonen meeting with Russian Ambassador,Evgeny Terekhin (Photo : MFAE)


Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister ,Demeke Mekonen, on Wednesday met with Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin. 

According to a report from the Ministry, Demeke briefed the Russian Ambassador about the rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts underway in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Furthermore, Mr.  Demeke raised that international humanitarian organizations are given unfettered access to the region in order to carry out works related to humanitarian activity. 

Moreover, Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister stated that the government is investigating allegations of human rights violations in the region. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday this week delivered a message to  African Union Peace and Security Council in which he reaffirmed his government’s commitment to get to the bottom of the alleged rights abuse. 

International non-state actors, multilateral institutions and some state actors have been accusing Ethiopia of not allowing humanitarian access to the Tigray region. 

Russia is one of the countries that expressed opposition when the “humanitarian condition” in Tigray was discussed at the United Nations Security Council sometime last week. 

Russia has a stance that the situation in the northern part of Ethiopia is a jurisdiction of the Ethiopian government that does not need illegal intervention. 

During the meeting with Demeke, Ambassador. Evgeny Terekhin expressed the importance of elevating the relationship between his country and Ethiopia “by applying provisions of signed agreements and expediting the signing up of delayed ones,” as cited in the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. 


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