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Ethiopian migrants killed in fire accident in Sanaa, Yemen

The IOM and Ethiopian government confirm that Ethiopian Migrants are among victims of fire “accident” in Senna, Yemen


A fire accident on Sunday in an  immigration holding facility in Sana’a, center in Senna, Yemen, reportedly killed Ethiopian Migrants. The accident is said to be disastrous. 

The International Organization For Migration (IOM) confirmed the accident but the number of deaths from the accident is unspecified yet. There were about 900 immigrants, mostly Ethiopians, when the accident happened in what IOM described as “overcrowded holding facility” 

What is confirmed in  terms of causality so far is that more than  170 have been treated for injuries in connection with what was reported to be a fire accident. The condition of some victims is life-threatening.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined. IOM quoted Carmela Godeau, the regional Director for North Africa and the Middle East, as saying “While the cause of the fire is still unconfirmed, its impact is clearly horrific.” 

The IOM has called for an urgent access to help those injured during the accidents and “the release of all migrants from detention in the country and a renewed commitment to providing safe, predictable movement options for migrants.” 

The Ethiopian government is aware of the accident in Yemen. State media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, said on Monday that the government is closely following up the accident in Yemen that affected Ethiopians. 

It was reported to the Ethiopian government via Ethiopian Embassy in Oman, as reported by EBC. 

Furthermore, it was said that the fire accident has something to do with forces fighting in Yemen but unspecified about the number of Ethiopians affected by the accident. 


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