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Ethiopian Broadcast Authority Director Getachew Dinku resigns

Getachew Dinku


Ethiopian Broadcast Authority General Director, Getachew Dinku, reportedly tendered his resignation. 

Alain Amharic reported on Monday that he has not yet officially resigned but disclosed that the government is working on his request and will announce it publicly once it is approved. He did not disclose the reasons for his resignation. 

He had been leading Ethiopian Broadcast Authority for about three years after he was appointed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in May 2028. 

He has served as instructor of Journalism at Addis Ababa University. 

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  1. In the latest turn of events taking place in Ethiopia from
    -Tigray to
    -Metekel to
    -Genocidal barbaric attacks happening in different parts of Oromia to
    – international diplomacy to
    -Sudan’s invasion of Ethiopias territory to
    -South Sudan’s invasion of Ethiopia’s territory and to
    -Sudan enslaving Ethiopian citizens taking them shackled from Ethiopia to sell them to Libyans in the Sahara desert and many more overwhelming news taking place not being reported
    all were overwhelming news , the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority (EBA) needed to facilitate these reports in detail to get investigated then get reported by journalists per journalism ethics, but the military and the current politicians alike were not willing to let this reporting happen so resigning not to get into more confrontations risking his own life was the only choice Getachew Dinqu had left, in order to survive without constant intmidations and death threats from those military officials and politicians alike. Hopefully they will let him live without more threats and espionages directed at him personally.


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