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Ethiopia received COVAX alliance vaccine for Coronavirus disease

COVAX vaccine _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian Airlines cargo delivering 2.2 million dosses of COVAX vaccine (Photo : EBC)


Ethiopia on Sunday received 2.2 million doses of  vaccine for Coronavirus disease. It arrived at Bole International cargo terminal on Sunday in the morning. 

Lia Tadesse, the Minister for Health, was personally there to receive the delivery. 

It is the COVAX alliance that delivered it to Ethiopia as part of its roll-out to African countries. 

It is a World Health Organization Program and will provide the vaccine to at least 20 percent of the population. Although the time frame is not known, Ethiopia will receive another rounds of the vaccine.

Regarding the one that is just delivered, the Ethiopian government intends to use it to what it calls a vulnerable section of the population on a priority basis. The group includes a health care worker, COVID-19 task force and Ethiopians with a medical condition that could be vulnerable to the disease, according to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. 



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